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    “Our partnership with Dayforce is really unique. It's a combination of technology, the vision of the leadership team and the culture of innovation. They're solving the problems for the future.” 

    Vinny Johar

    Global Head of Reward Operations

  • "One of the most compelling reasons to work with Dayforce is the fact that they keep pushing us forward. They’re looking for what’s next in the world and what’s going to change the way that we work. It’s great having that partner to challenge the way that we do things and always make us better.”

    Steve Mauricio

    Director of HRIS​

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    “I see Dayforce as a partner that we can rely on to give us a cutting-edge product and listen to our needs. I think the most compelling argument I have in favour of Dayforce is not only is it a single solution, but it's constantly evolving and it's something where you get the support that you need to really make sure it makes an impact on your team.”

    Jeanne Pierce

    HR Director

    100 - 1,000 Employees

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“To be able to have one vendor has really affected us in a positive way. We have been able to reduce our operational team labour costs, as you don’t need as many people working with multiple vendors. It’s been a game-changer.”​

Scott Sikon

Senior Director of Global Payroll​, Sherwin-Williams

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Streamline HR and Empower People

Simplify your HR practices with the all-in-one HR platform. Quickly find and manage key HR information, streamline administration and uncover insights that can help you to retain, engage and delight your employees. 

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People Experience

Learn how Dayforce streamlines HR communication to give your people quick answers, timely news and help when it’s needed most. 

HR Software

Get a full picture of your workforce with all your people details in one place, from compensation to benefits to performance.

Dayforce Mobile

Get secure access to Dayforce on the go with the mobile app and let your people manage their work life from anywhere, at any time.

Document Management

Maximise efficiency with an organised, accessible and secure HR document management system.

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Pay accurately and efficiently

With Dayforce Payroll, confidently run payroll at scale, both locally and globally. Effectively manage your payroll with a unified platform for time and pay and boost employee retention with on-demand pay. 

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Global Payroll

Learn how Dayforce Payroll empowers you to process global payroll on time and with ease while helping you stay compliant.

Managed Payroll Services

Dayforce Managed Payroll supports your HR and finance teams so they can focus more on strategy and less on processing payroll. 

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Unlock agile workforce management 

Cut down your operating costs and make more efficient labour decisions with Dayforce Workforce Management. Dayforce helps optimise your operations for a happier, more productive workforce. 

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Time and Attendance

Learn how time and attendance software empowers your frontline workers while optimising your operations.


Automatically generate a best-fit schedule. Take factors into consideration like business demand, labour budget, worker preferences, pay rates and more.

Absence Management

Find and address absence patterns to avoid unplanned overtime - helping your organisation save on labour costs.

Dayforce Assistant

Empower employees to conveniently manage HR and schedule requests with a simple voice or chat command.

Time Clocks

Choose from a variety of time clock solutions to make clocking in and out easy for your employees. Help your company track time more effectively.

Labour Planning

Make informed labour decisions to help meet sales and production goals. Managers can schedule with confidence knowing they’re aligned with business targets and labour demand.

Task Management

Make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time. Create, assign, review and deploy tasks to individual locations and departments in one place.

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Make data-driven HR decisions 

Generate actionable insights from your data so that you can retain your people, drive productivity and boost performance with Dayforce Reporting and Analytics. 

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Gather the critical employee data you need to make important business decisions with HR reporting.

People Analytics

Make data-driven workforce decisions that drive performance with people analytics software.

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Attract, develop and retain top talent 

Meet Dayforce Talent: the platform that helps you to engage and inspire your people at every stage of their career. 

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Talent Acquisition

Hire faster and streamline onboarding with AI-enhanced talent acquisition software.


Make better hiring decisions with with the help of AI and machine learning.


Simplify onboarding and get your employees up to speed fast with Dayforce.

Talent Management

Empower your workforce with talent management software to promote career growth, skill development and connection.


Foster growth, empower your team and create a culture of continuous learning and development with Dayforce.

Performance Management

Track, assess and reward employees with performance review software that brings the best out of your people.


Gain valuable insights and empower your employees with our employee engagement survey tool.


Make better compensation decisions, retain top talent and reduce administrative efforts with data-driven insights.

Succession Planning

Create coverage plans for key roles with succession planning software.

Career Explorer

Equip your employees with AI-assisted career pathing software that helps you to build a more agile, resilient workforce.

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