Take talent management above and beyond

Empower your workforce with talent management software to promote career growth, skill development and connection. 
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Empower your people with talent management software

Create positive employee experiences to keep your people around for the long haul. Dayforce talent management tools help you to develop and retain your people by enabling growth and learning, aligning performance with compensation and capturing honest, anonymous employee feedback. 
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Foster career growth

Provide your people with the tools they need to own their career and skill development. 

Create a culture of continuous development with performance and goals tracking.

Empower your people to own their career path with Dayforce Career Explorer, the AI-assisted career planning solution.

Cater to individual learning styles to accelerate your people's growth and build leaders from within.

Keep employees engaged

Make talent decisions grounded in data to improve employee engagement and retention. 

Ensure employees are fairly paid and rewarded as they meet learning, development and performance goals.

Gain a deeper understanding of your employees’ experiences at work with anonymous engagement surveys.

Help your people see a future within your organisation by aligning them with open roles based on their skills and interests.

Learning and Career Pathing

Enable growth and development

Make learning personalised and purposeful. With the help of AI and your internal talent data, Dayforce helps your employees understand the skills they need to achieve their career goals. With Dayforce, your people can own their career development and make learning an ongoing part of your employee experience. 
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Fast track employees' career growth 

With tailored career plans, your people can see the next steps to reach personal or recommended development goals with reminders to keep them on track. 

Create a culture of continuous learning 

Let employees decide what, when and how they learn with training options to meet individual learning styles. Employees can also design their own learning paths to meet their goals. 

Boost internal mobility 

Help employees see a future within your organisation by making internal opportunities more transparent. Match employees to internal roles that align with their skills, experience and interests using AI and machine learning. 


Keep a pulse on your people

Get firsthand feedback faster with anonymous employee engagement surveys. With Dayforce, you can quickly understand trends and patterns with analysis tools and take action to drive change, boost retention and support DEI initiatives. 
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Performance and Compensation

Award your top performers

Everyone wins when you work towards the same outcome. Align your workforce with individual, team and organisational goals to drive better business results. Track, assess and reward employees with a talent management system that lets you continuously manage, encourage and address performance.  
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Evaluate your top performers 

Align your team around common goals. Measure employees’ performance and use smart data to make better promotion and compensation decisions. 

Link compensation with performance 

Make informed, data-driven award decisions with instant access to your employees’ performance history, development plans and more. 

Succession Planning

Get ahead with succession planning

Organisations invest valuable time and resources in hiring the right candidates - but often fail to plan ahead for when these people move on. Create coverage plans for key roles to reduce organisational risk, help keep your business running smoothly and support internal mobility. 
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“We’ve been able to harness Dayforce Learning, Succession Planning and Engagement to develop career paths, train our employees for future opportunities and show them they’re part of a bigger picture.”

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Senior HRIS Analyst

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Frequently asked questions

What does your talent management software include?

Dayforce is built to support your talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Our talent products include Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, Engagement, Compensation Management, Learning, Succession Planning and Career Explorer.  

Is talent management part of your Talent suite?

Yes. Dayforce Talent refers to the full suite of Dayforce products that includes end-to-end talent acquisition and talent management solutions. 

What analytics do your talent management products provide?

Our talent management products offer a variety of analytics to help you to make better decisions. This includes flight risk analytics, insights to promote informed decisions affecting pay equity, and engagement data based on your organisation's structure, location and employee data already in Dayforce. 

How long does it take to implement your talent management products?

We help you to go live quickly through our proven implementation process based on best practices and experience with thousands of past deployments. Once live, you’ll be continuously supported by Customer Success, education, services, support, Dayforce Community resources and experts to help you be successful. 

Do your talent management tools have to be purchased together?

While we offer a full suite of talent management modules as part of our end-to-end people platform, you can purchase any of our talent management modules individually or as a full suite based on your organisation's goals and needs. 

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