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Save time with compensation planning software 

Reward and retain your people with data-driven compensation planning software that helps you to make fair and equitable pay decisions. 
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Help make compensation planning a breeze 

Having the right compensation strategy is everything when it comes to retaining your top talent. With Dayforce compensation planning software, you can make fast, informed award decisions with instant access to relevant compensation data all in one place. 
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Recognise and reward strategically 

Help boost employee engagement and retention with fair, equitable reward decisions. 

Make fast, informed decisions on pay with access to historical and real-time data.  

Identify whether your organisation has a gender pay gap with pay equity graphs. 

Benchmark your compensation packages against external market salaries. 

Streamline compensation planning 

Reduce admin with compensation software that’s connected and configurable. 

Award merit, bonus and equity to eligible employees based on pre-defined rules. 

Collaborate with fellow managers to ensure budgets are being used to drive impact. 

Save time with seamless integrations with HR, Payroll and Performance. 

What's Included

All-in-one compensation management software 

Discover the data-driven insights and tools that help enable the agile, intelligent and equitable compensation decisions that keep your business running.  
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Automatic payroll updates 

Real-time payroll updates and automated approval workflows help improve efficiency and keep everyone aligned. 

Streamlined planning 

Define your budget, create budget rules, then allocate this information to leaders and managers. Multiple budget types also allow you to create comprehensive compensation plans. 

Compliance alerts 

Dayforce helps guide managers on proper compensation by using your organisation’s guidelines to highlight increases that are out of range.

Competitive packages 

Make compensation decisions rooted in data with access to your employees’ performance history, compensation and salary range all in one place. 

Flexible plans and templates 

Skip the hassle of redefining plan criteria with each compensation cycle. With Dayforce, you can template plans beforehand, saving time, effort and procrastination woes.  

Flight risk measures 

Predictive analytics help you to identify flight risks, prevent turnover and keep your top performers engaged.

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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With the compensation module, my hope is to have data points to make the managers aware of things like potential retention issues, purely by measuring current pay versus salary band of their job.

Mauricio Merizalde

Director of Compensation and HRIS​, SPARC Group

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“We have a large number of jobs across all the agencies in the county that are effectively accounting-related. This is based on their core competencies and duties, but they have unique titles that have morphed over the years and the different administrations. The compensation module will help us to boil that down to three, maybe four positions. Once we’ve set up that, we’ll be able to communicate career ladders and succession plans on how to get there vis-à-vis learning and development and performance management.”

Genaro Baez

Director of HR Operations

The Hillman Group

“Prior to using Dayforce, the performance and compensation process would take us several months. With Dayforce, compensation connects seamlessly to payroll. When we complete a cycle, it’s just a push of a button and it rolls over directly into the payroll engine. Since we’ve moved into Dayforce for performance and compensation, we can accomplish either cycle in less than a month.”

Colin Kunath

Senior Manager of Payroll, HRIS and Benefits

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