Intelligent time and attendance tracking

Manage labour expenses with automation and stay on budget.
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Simplify time and attendance tracking

With automation from Dayforce Workforce Management, you can rein in labour costs, proactively address unplanned overtime, and maintain compliance – all while keeping your employees’ experience top of mind. 
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Quickly adapt to rostering changes

Help reduce the cost impact of last-minute sick days and other roster changes. With instant alerts, you can stay informed on employee absenteeism and unplanned overtime.

More autonomy for better morale

Retain talent by giving staff control over when they work with rostering flexibility. Plus, mobile geofencing ensures employees get paid accurately, no matter where they’re scheduled to work.

Optimize your operations

A single platform for time and pay

Dayforce is the only solution with workforce management and global payroll available on the same platform – because time and pay are more powerful together. 

While most platforms support gross pay calculations, Dayforce supports instant net pay calculations as well. Deductions, taxes, and garnishments are accounted for as soon as time is entered or updated.
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Manage Compliance

A new era of compliance

Our time and attendance system simplifies the time tracking experience for everyone, saving you time and your employees unnecessary steps.  
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Understand how your people’s time is used

Survey employees at the clock to attest to meal breaks, shift changes or even handwashing so you have an accurate idea of when and where work time is spent.

Pay accurately and efficiently

Run payroll using your employees’ hours. Use time collection data in real time to help ensure pay policies are followed globally and locally.  

Ensure adequate rest 

Create a more positive work environment by preventing your workforce from clocking in before they’ve had adequate rest between shifts. 

Make clocking in easy

Say goodbye to physical timecards. Track the right hours worked and prevent lost wages with biometric fingerprint timestamping.

Enable employees to validate time worked

Avoid surprises by giving employees the ability to view and validate their scheduled versus actual time worked. Plus, employees have multiple convenient ways to enter their time worked.

Increase employee satisfaction  

Give your employees the ability to make time-off and rostering requests right on their phones with Dayforce Assistant. 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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Dayforce allows employees to track their time from wherever they are when they're working remotely. It also ensures that we are capturing that time and paying them appropriately based on where they're working.

Steven DelVecchio

​Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a unified system versus a single platform for payroll and time and attendance?

If applications are only “unified” or integrated instead of on a single platform, you may experience lags in your data calculations, an inconsistent user experience, and weakened analytics from splintered data. On-demand pay may be impossible.  

A single platform, on the other hand, provides an all-in-one HR experience that lets you track payroll, time, and attendance at once, while also providing a unified user experience to your team.  

What are indicators of a truly single system? 

A truly single system has one database, provides a consistent user experience across modules, and offers continuous, real-time net-pay calculations versus batch processing.  

What are potential risks of an integrated or unified system for payroll and time and attendance? 

Often, an integrated HCM system requires you to bridge gaps between modules by transferring data between them, which can easily complicate things.  For instance, you may need to manually transfer time data in a batch to the payroll module before processing payroll. This can be hugely time-consuming and creates room for errors for both you and your team.  

How do I determine if I’m using a single system or if it’s integrated? 

A: In a single system:  

  1. Each module should be demoed on the same domain or a similar URL.  

  1. The user interface should provide a consistent, similar experience.  

  1. You should be able to calculate net pay in real-time for a complete picture of today’s labor expenses. If you’re only able to calculate gross pay or future labor expenses, you’re using an integrated system.  

For more information on Dayforce Workforce Management and the benefits of a single system, reach out to us today.   

Dayforce Assistant

Empower employees to conveniently manage HR and schedule requests with a simple voice or chat command.

Time Clocks

Choose from a variety of time clock solutions to make clocking in and out easy for your employees. Help your company track time more effectively.

Labour Planning

Make informed labour decisions to help meet sales and production goals. Managers can schedule with confidence knowing they’re aligned with business targets and labour demand.

Task Management

Make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time. Create, assign, review, and deploy tasks to individual locations and departments in one place.


Automatically generate a best-fit schedule. Take factors into consideration like business demand, labour budget, worker preferences, pay rates and more.

Absence Management

Find and address absence patterns to avoid unplanned overtime – helping your organization save on labor costs.

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