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Data-driven decisions start here 

Understand your people, performance, and productivity with powerful reporting capabilities in Dayforce. 
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Introducing a 360-degree view of your business 

Make sense of your people data with powerful reports built directly into Dayforce. With Dayforce Advanced Reporting, you can create comprehensive reports across pay, time, talent and HR for a more connected view of your organisation.  
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See the full picture 

With over 300 pre-built reports, you can equip leaders with the information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions faster. 

All your data, all in one place 

Discover insights in your data without ever leaving Dayforce. With HR reporting software embedded into the platform, you can create reports that include pay, time, talent and HR. 

HR reporting software to cover your bases 

Comprehensive, configurable and customised to meet your needs. Dayforce Advanced Reporting offers flexible report options so you can find insights fast with data you can trust. 
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Standard reports  

Get access to our library of pre-built reports that cover everything from earning history to payroll audits and beyond.  

One source of truth  

Dayforce Advanced Reporting spans across the platform, so you can pull data from multiple areas of Dayforce for a deeper analysis. 

Customised reports

Create customised, business-specific reports tailored to your organisation so you can find the insights you truly need. 

Reporting Essentials

Make reporting easy 

Drive better decision-making with reporting features that help streamline HR reporting for your organisation. 
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Real-time notifications  

Stay in the loop at all times. Receive notifications when reports are ready and new insights are available. 

Open data protocol

Export your HCM data outside of Dayforce without the hassle. OData lets you access Dayforce data via commonly used analytics tools like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI. 

Report scheduling

Schedule reports to autogenerate at specific times and days. Automatically have them sent to select individuals for review and analysis.

Security preferences 

When it comes to your people data, security is crucial. With access controls and role security, you can limit access to designated individuals only.

Language flexibility 

Generate reports in multiple languages to ensure inclusivity and company-wide comprehension, wherever your business operates. 

Easy exporting 

Export reports in the format you need, including XLS, CSV and PDF, so you can make changes and share them outside of Dayforce with key stakeholders. 

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In today’s world, every decision needs to be data-driven and we need to be able to access data in real-time. Dayforce has fulfilled our data and analytics needs as a single system of record. This means we can pull information together quickly to report on it in a meaningful way, create data visualisations and provide answers to questions leaders have.

Steven DelVecchio

Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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