Managed Payroll Services

Managed payroll to help save you time 

Focus more on your business. Let us take care of your payroll.


Partner with Dayforce to free up time and resources  

Backed by seasoned payroll expertise and award-winning technology, Dayforce Managed Payroll supports your HR and finance teams so they can focus more on strategy and less on processing payroll. 
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Refocus on your core business 

Free yourself from the daily grind of payroll administration. Outsource payroll to Dayforce so your HR teams can get back to championing your people.

Lean on payroll professionals

Have confidence that your payroll processes are taken care of according to proven best practices. Dayforce's tenured staff complement your teams with skills and experience in compliance, payroll and tax filing. 

Managed payroll services tailored to you 

Our Managed Services model is designed to scale as you do. Our three tiers offer choice and flexibility for every stage of your growth journey.

Lean on Dayforce payroll professionals to help augment your HR and payroll teams and manage key payroll processes on your behalf. 


Help free your teams from day-to-day payroll with comprehensive services and add-ons to set your HR teams and talent strategies up for success.


Make Dayforce an extension of your team. Outsource your payroll so you can get back to growing your business the way you want. 

What's Included

Deliver industry-leading payroll administration

Dayforce Managed Payroll helps you to mitigate exposure to costly payroll and tax filing errors. Feel confident that your payroll is taken care of according to proven best practices from over 1,000 customer relationships and more than 20 years of industry experience. 
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Global support 

Access support teams in all time zones so you can get assistance any time, anywhere.

Risk reduction

Help avoid financial penalties from late or incorrect tax filings. Our compliance professionals monitor changing labour laws and proactively make necessary updates. 

Innovative technology 

Our Managed Services model is powered by Dayforce and is consistently recognised for excellence in compliance.

Seasoned payroll experts 

Our payroll specialists support your organisation with compliance, payroll and tax filing so you can refocus on larger strategic goals. 

Clean payroll system of record

With continuous calculation built into our technology, we help you to maintain accurate, timely data for collection and reporting. 

Designed to scale 

Get payroll coverage in over 200 countries and territories. Expand globally with less stress about pay administration or having the right local experts in place. 

​ Trusted by over 6,000+ businesses

Why our customers love Dayforce

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“Having Dayforce as a partner allows us to focus our time and our energy on building products versus on payroll processes.”

Clay Heidel

Director of Total Rewards and HR Services

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Frequently asked questions

Are managed payroll services the same as payroll outsourcing?  

Although both payroll options help offload the burden of payroll processing, they do so differently. A managed payroll service invites a partner to organise, manage and execute your payroll processing in conjunction with your HR/payroll team. Payroll outsourcing, on the other hand, completely offloads payroll tasks to a partner, freeing your employees to handle other projects. 

Our Dayforce professionals are proud to offer both services, so keep in touch with us to learn more. 

What are the benefits of managed payroll services?

Managed payroll services help free up valuable time for your HR and finance teams so they can focus on other high-priority projects. Since payroll is a continuous process, the benefits of having this type of support grow with time.

If you’d like to calculate how much time, money and resources you could save with managed payroll services, contact our team today. With our ROI tool, we can give you targeted estimates to help with your organisation's decision.

What should I look for when evaluating payroll outsourcing service vendors? 

Payroll outsourcing services should offer a unified system for managing payroll processing tasks. You should also look for a vendor that keeps up with industry standards, changing requirements and taxation rules.
Our payroll professionals use Dayforce to help customise your payroll strategy, handle your payroll needs and generate reports for your review.

What services or processes are typically included in managed payroll services? 

Our certified payroll professionals provide process optimisation, Dayforce-powered payroll and scalable delivery. You can also expect off-cycle processing, garnishment administration, tax filing, co-ordination of termination coverage and more. 

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