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One platform for your HR needs

It’s time to simplify your HR practices. With Dayforce HR management software, you can access the information you need about your employees in one place, from compensation to benefits to performance. Our cloud-based HR software is designed to help you quickly find and manage key HR information, streamline administration, and uncover insights that can help you retain, engage, and delight your employees.
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Get the full picture

Say goodbye to disparate systems. A single employee record across Dayforce means your people details are all in one place.

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Empower your people

Put your people in charge of managing their own work life with fast, easy access to their pay, schedule, and benefits in a single platform.

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Discover hidden insights

Gain insights through reports and dashboards that span Dayforce, so you can keep a pulse on key indicators and trends.

People Experience and Benefits

Support your people, at work and in life

Dayforce HR helps make it easier to deliver updates to your people about changes, benefits, and more. Create tailored content for different audiences, proactively answer employee questions, and guide them through everything from career transitions to benefits enrollment.
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Keep employees informed

Empower your employees to find the help and information they need with tools to keep your company connected.

Provide best-value benefits

Enable employees to enroll in the best benefit plans for them with guided support, side-by-side comparisons, and smart recommendations.

HR and Analytics

See a complete picture of your workforce

Get valuable insights in just a few clicks. With centralized employee records and built-in analytics capabilities, you can get an accurate view of your organization and make workforce decisions that drive impact.
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Set employee records straight 

With records that extend across Dayforce, you can see your peoples’ details in one place. Get at-a-glance information with org charts and employee overviews.

Understand your people

Gain insights from your employee data with pre-built reports and dashboards. Make proactive, data-driven decisions that can help you retain and engage your people.

Dayforce Wallet and Dayforce Assistant

Modern HR for the modern workforce

Put your people first with HR management software designed to make work life easy. With Dayforce, your employees can swap shifts with simple voice or chat commands. And with Dayforce Wallet, they can even access their earned wages when they need it.
Provide payroll on demand

Let employees request a payout of their earnings any time* during the pay cycle with Dayforce Wallet.

*Not all employers choose to offer on-demand pay with Dayforce Wallet. Check with your employer to see if this is available to you. Some blackout dates and limitations may apply based on your employer's pay cycle and configurations. GO2bank does not administer and is not responsible for on-demand pay.

Make shift trading easy

Enable employees to quickly and conveniently manage work-life activities using voice and chat commands.

Ready to get started?

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BlackRock improves work-life for their employees with Dayforce

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“At BlackRock, we've always considered human capital management a very important driver of growth. We understand that our employees are our greatest asset. And managing human capital properly, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop is critical to our success going forward.”

Vinny Johar

Global Head of Reward Operations


Frequently asked questions

What is HR software?

HR software, often called HCM software, serves as a secure, central location for companies to maintain their employee records.

HR software houses personal information about employees with confidentiality mechanisms built into the system to help ensure that only the right people have access.

How does HR software fit into the Dayforce product suite?

Our HR capability is written on the same codebase as our payroll, talent, workforce management, benefits, and other product features, which means that data appears in real time across all parts of Dayforce.

Can employees use HR software?

Our HR software can be used by all company employees who have been given access. It includes self-service features so that employees can update their personal information, view pay details, see schedules, read important HR communications, fill out forms, and more.

How much does HR software cost?

HR software is often sold using a subscription model based on the number of employees who will be using the product. Cost also varies based on the number of components included in the package, as well as the complexity of the company’s organizational structure.

How can I get HR software?

Most HR software is sold through a sales representative who can discuss the needs of your company, work with you to help determine the right product and feature mix, talk through the scope and cost of implementation, and create a contract.

For which countries can I buy Dayforce HR software?

Dayforce supports global enterprise companies and is available in over 200 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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