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Unlock insights across your organization 

Make data-driven workforce decisions that help boost performance with people analytics software. 
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Gain actionable insights with people analytics software 

Level up your performance with advanced analytics capabilities in Dayforce. With our robust library of pre-built, configurable dashboards and KPIs built by data scientists, you can reveal hidden insights in your data and make informed decisions that drive value for your business. 
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Go from data to decision-making faster 

Spot underlying trends and make proactive decisions to engage and retain your people. 

Gain deeper insights into workplace stress, DEI, and beyond with pre-built dashboards. 

Get started right away with out-of-the-box KPIs created by Dayforce’s team of data scientists, or configure your own. 

Make sense of your people data with easy-to-understand reports and powerful dashboards.

Equip leaders with metrics they can trust  

Get access to real-time reports and dashboards to understand your organization’s performance.  

Access metrics that align with ISO standards and the latest academic research in HR. 

See all your people data in one place with one connected HCM system.  

Quickly and easily build dashboards with drag-and-drop capabilities.  

What's included

Everything you need to make informed workforce decisions 

With Dayforce, you can go from insights to action faster with the help of standard templates and KPIs, or easily create your own custom dashboards. 
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Pre-calculated KPIs 

Access dozens of pre-calculated KPIs that span across all major functions, built to meet ISO-recognized standards. 

Turnkey dashboards 

With over 16 out-of-the box dashboards, you can understand every dimension of your organization’s performance.  

Standardized metrics

Our system dashboards and measures deliver core value metrics that align with ISO standards and the latest academic research in HR. 

Trends at a glance

Easily spot trends related to pay, time, labor, schedules and more by turning any report into a stunning dashboard.

Advanced insights 

Quickly identify employees at risk of being overworked or understand the progress of your latest DEI initiatives. 

One source of truth 

Get a unified view of your workforce data in Dayforce, so you can make informed decisions that drive impact. 

Dashboards Pro

See and understand your data 

With Dashboards Pro, you can turn your reports into stunning visualizations, making it easy to spot trends related to pay, time, labor, schedules, and more. 

"Having access to our data all in one place has been a great benefit for us to support our DEI initiatives. We’re using Dayforce to pull our data together and build visualizations that help us understand our opportunities to improve."

Steve Mauricio 

Director of HRIS 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“Because all our employee data is housed in Dayforce, we were able to quickly understand where our employees were living and where they were working and understand if a hybrid work model was going to be advantageous for them.”

Steven DelVecchio

Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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