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Get the support you need to keep up with key regulatory changes in over 200 countries and territories.
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Why Dayforce

A smarter approach to compliance

Today's organizations face workforce dynamics more complex than ever before. Luckily, Dayforce does complex things well – and at scale – to help you stay ahead of compliance challenges. We support your modernization journey with a strong technical foundation, decades of experience, and our award-winning payroll engine.

Designed to help you stay ahead

Rules-based payroll engine

Easily manage jurisdictional and industry-specific requirements with a configurable, rules-based engine.

Role-based security

Ensure that only appropriate users can access sensitive information in Dayforce with role-based security.

Dedicated professional support

Get support from professionals who monitor and understand key laws and regulations that impact the use of Dayforce.

Continuous calculation

Keep your data updated and clean with continuous
calculation capabilities in Dayforce, giving you more time to proactively audit payroll.

Cloud-based infrastructure

Scale with confidence with cloud-based infrastructure that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of employees safely and securely.

Rigorous security standards

Dayforce maintains the highest level of security when it comes to your people data and adheres to comprehensive compliance programs.

Security, Scalability, and Transparency

Operate with confidence with Dayforce

With our professionals proactively monitoring key labor laws in over 200 countries and territories, and a built-in rules engine to calculate pay and taxes, you’ll be powerfully equipped to maintain compliance.

Secure by design

Safeguard your people data with embedded privacy controls and an architecture that is secure by design. Dayforce helps ensure your payroll and HR information is confidential and protected at all times.

Dayforce maintains a rigorous standard of security compliance, reflected in its SOC II, NIST 800-171, and ISO certifications.

Dayforce has role-based security embedded in the application to help ensure only designated users can view and access sensitive data.

Dayforce adheres to a comprehensive compliance program, including PIPEDA standards and related breach notification laws.

Partner with a recognized leader in compliance

Dayforce continues to be recognized by industry analysts like Gartner for compliance leadership. For the fourth year in a row, Dayforce ranked #1 in the Gartner® Critical Capabilities report for both the North American Compliance Suite 1,000-2,500 and North American Compliance Suite 2,500+ use cases.

Trusted by over 4,000+ Businesses

Why our customers love Dayforce

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“With Dayforce, we were able to build in supported configurable legislation rules. Now, every time you’re trying to do things that are not above board, the system will either warn you, or it will completely stop you.”​

Heidé Botha

Head of Business Process and HR Analytics

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