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Get support from in-house experts to help you drive faster adoption and realize more value from Dayforce.


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Guidance and support from Dayforce doesn’t stop once you’ve gone live. Our HR consulting services are here to help you build self-sufficiency, augment your teams, and optimize your Dayforce instance as your organization evolves.   

Benefit from tactical and operational guidance from in-house Dayforce experts. 

Drive faster adoption with our collaborative, customer-focused team by your side. 

Leverage deep technical knowledge to help you manage key events and reduce risk.   

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Get support at every step

Throughout your implementation and beyond, your organization benefits from tactical and operational guidance from Dayforce. Our HR consulting services help deepen your knowledge, fill in gaps, and complement your teams so you can focus on your business. 
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Configuration Services 

Optimize Dayforce to meet your business needs. We provide support to help you make changes and updates so your business can use Dayforce to its full potential. 

Consulting Services 

Get support on strategic initiatives, like solution optimization post go-live, to maximize your use of Dayforce and drive adoption. 

Project Management Services 

Keep your HCM project on track with the help of Dayforce professionals. Whether you’re short on time, resources, or expertise, Dayforce can help you to the finish line. 

Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Services 

Get help configuring Dayforce in times of change. Our team understands the implications of mergers and acquisitions, and can help you successfully manage your solution.  

Technical Services 

Let Dayforce take care of time-consuming technical tasks. Technical services provide support to help you run your Dayforce instance smoothly – and frees up time for your IT staff to focus on other projects. 

Tax Services 

Our Dayforce tax professionals understand the complexities of tax law. We work directly with payroll tax agencies to help resolve and avoid potential issues, saving you time and helping you reduce risk.

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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"Typically, converting a newly acquired company to a new HCM system would take at least six months. And the fact that we’ve been able to manage it within a month’s timeframe with Dayforce is just unheard of. And I think that would not be possible without having the right people on the Ceridian side and on my side. We work really well together."

Mauricio Merizalde

Director of Compensation and HRIS

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