Our Priorities and Goals

Our sustainability strategy guides our overall efforts to act responsibly and operate sustainably. Its pillars include: Our People, Governance and Trust, Tech for Good, Our Communities, and the Environment.
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Our priorities

Transparency and accountability are essential to our sustainability strategy as well as the overall success of our company. That’s why we maintain a series of measurable targets across our five pillars that we aim to achieve in the coming years. They reflect our ambitions as an innovative and forward-thinking business, and they give our stakeholders an opportunity to evaluate our performance over time.

Our people

How can we best support the experiences of our people and live up to our promise to make work life better? The sudden evolution into a new world of work has encouraged Dayforce to think big and be bold. We have a range of programs to support productivity and innovation, promote employee wellness and engagement, and foster learning and leadership development to ensure our people have everything they need to thrive

Governance and trust

Our Way values are essential to our culture. They’re the basis for our success and the guiding standards for how our organization operates. We know that nothing is more important than preserving the trust of our partners, our customers, and their employees. That starts with upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics. We have a responsibility to our customers and their employees to ensure that our enterprise is secure; that their data is protected; and that our products are consistent, reliable, and resilient.

Tech for good

In a fluid and challenging era, organizations need to be dynamic and creative in order to attract and retain the best talent. Dayforce is committed to developing products and technologies to help our customers do just that. To name a few examples: Dayforce Wallet's flexibility empowers and supports the modern needs of employers and employees alike. Dayforce Career Explorer can help organizations foster a stronger culture of learning and development, and ensure that employees feel empowered and engaged. And Dayforce People Analytics empowers leaders with real-time actionable insights to better manage and support their employees. We also recognize the need to develop and deploy technologies that leverage AI in ways that minimize risk, mitigate bias, and always put the outcomes of people first.

Our communities

Dayforce has always believed in the importance of giving where we're living. Through corporate donations, employee-led fundraising, and staff volunteering, we're proud to contribute to the communities where we live and work. For a global company, localized giving takes on new meaning and its impact can be profound. Our Dayforce Cares foundation provides grants for food, clothing, shelter, and other needs that help individuals and families experience the quality of life they deserve.


The global threats posed by climate change can seem ominous, but they’re something we can and must address together. It’s critically important that businesses do their part to address this very real crisis, and Dayforce is committed to significantly reducing the carbon footprint of emissions from both our direct emissions as well as our value chain.

Our goals

We know that transparency and accountability are essential to our success, and we've developed a series of quantifiable targets to help our stakeholders keep track of our performance over time. Here is a closer look at them in detail:
  • 99.99%

    uptime for Dayforce by 2025

  • 0

    material data breaches
    annually through 2025

  • 50/50

    gender parity in senior
    management roles by 2028

  • 50%

    increase for underrepresented minorities in management roles in the U.S. by 2028

  • +40

    employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) through 2025

  • 15%

    of People Analytics customers using
    DEI Intelligence by 2026

  • 50%

    of employees giving and volunteering by 2025

  • 42%

    reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions from Dayforce’s operations by 2030

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