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There is no greater responsibility than safeguarding the environment for future generations
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Environmental sustainability

We are deeply committed to fulfilling our responsibility to help safeguard the planet. That’s why we took several new actions in 2023 to further reduce the environmental impacts of our direct operations. This included a new Environmental Sustainability Policy, launching a new company-wide employee training to highlight their responsibilities to make our organization more sustainable, and further embedding green leasing principles into our facility selection and renewal processes. 

Addressing climate change

We know that climate change poses an existential threat to the health and well-being of humanity today and for future generations. That’s why we are fundamentally committed to doing our part to address it. We have been actively working toward meeting our Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction target, and we also took a number of additional steps over the past year that reflect our ambitions to decarbonize our value chain. These included setting a new near-term Scope 3 emissions reduction target, committing to have our emissions reduction targets as well as our 100% renewable electricity commitment validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and implementing an internal carbon price for business travel.

Responsible Sourcing Initiative (RSI)

We believe that sustainable supply chains are more resilient and efficient —and that building them is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. That’s why we launched a Responsible Sourcing Initiative (RSI) to better align ourselves with vendors that make labor and human rights, diversity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship organizational priorities. In 2023, we took several steps to integrate the program into every stage of the procurement life cycle. This included a new Environmental Sustainability Policy, an enhanced Vendor Code of Conduct, adding RSI considerations into the new vendor selection process, and collecting vendor data annually to evaluate their current performance and where they need to improve in the future.

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Climate leadership

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