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Nipro PharmaPackaging administers a better pay card solution with Dayforce Wallet

The pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer implements Dayforce Wallet as a pay card solution that fits the needs of both the company and its employees.
  • Streamlined 47 different pay policies

  • A full day saved on payroll processing each pay cycle

  • Access to on-demand pay with Dayforce Wallet

When you are visiting your doctor or dentist and you see glass vials and syringes with various drug products, it may not occur to you that there is a complicated process to produce these containers, which involves rigorous testing and quality control to ensure they are sterile and safe.

With more than 65 years of experience in the production of glass vials and tubing, Nipro PharmaPackaging is known globally for its ability to produce containers that transport and store drug products reliably and safely.

Headquartered in Millville, New Jersey, Nipro PharmaPacking is a division of Nipro International. The North American division is made up of six locations across the U.S. and employs 450 people. The majority of Nipro PharmaPacking’s workforce is on the manufacturing floor and is directly involved in adding value to the product.

“The vast majority of our workforce is production, maintenance, service, and technical in nature. It's a very traditional manufacturing process, but in a highly sophisticated industry,” says Mike Mattingly, Nipro’s HR Director.

Managing a highly complex payroll structure

Although Nipro’s footprint across the U.S. is relatively small, the company has a highly complex payroll setup. “Currently throughout our six locations, we have 14 different pay groups which are a combination of hourly, salaried exempt, and salaried non-exempt. In addition, each of those groups runs on a different pay period, and to get everybody paid correctly they are divided into 47 different pay policies with different rules, different setup, and different schedules for every single location,” says Bethann DuBois, Nipro’s Payroll Manager.

On top of the payroll complexity, there is the added challenge that a large portion of Nipro’s workforce is unbanked, meaning that they do not have an account at a bank or other financial institution. Four years ago, the company implemented a pay card solution to support those unbanked employees, and to process off-cycle payments if needed.

“The pay card solution we had in place came with a few drawbacks,” says DuBois. “There was limited free use each pay period, so after a certain number of withdrawals at the ATM, the employee would be charged a fee. The places they were able to use the pay card were also limited. They could use it at Walmart, but they couldn't use it at the gas station or to pay their bills.”

DuBois and her team realized that they needed to find a better solution that would benefit both the company, and the employees. This was an opportunity for Nipro to expand its existing use of Dayforce and add Dayforce Wallet into the mix.

Expanding a long-standing partnership

Nipro has partnered with Dayforce for nine years, and is currently leveraging the platform for payroll, benefits, workforce management, onboarding, performance, and learning. “Dayforce really helps us simplify the complexities of our workforce management needs. With 47 different pay policies and many employees belonging to our union manufacturing plants, Dayforce gives us the ability to make changes on the fly when they're needed,” says DuBois.

Mattingly says that having all workforce data and reporting in a unified HCM system has enabled Nipro to scale efficiently and given its leadership team the insight they need to make smart decisions.

“Nipro has been around for many years. And during those years we have expanded. We have more locations, more plants, and consequently, more complexities,” says Mattingly. “What Dayforce has done for the business at large is it has streamlined efficiency. It has improved our communications, it has gotten rid of paperwork, and it has dramatically increased the integrity of our data that we share as a management group. I have instant, real-time data, and I use this on a daily basis for decision-making and helping other leaders in the business make decisions as well.”

Eliminating manual processes and streamlining reporting has also saved DuBois and her team a full day on payroll processing each pay cycle.

Given the success Nipro is having with Dayforce, DuBois decided to attend a demo of Dayforce Wallet and the Dayforce Wallet Mastercard® to see how it compared to the company’s current pay card solution. “We realized that the Dayforce Wallet Card offered all the same benefits as our current pay card and more,” she says. “We chose to switch to the Dayforce Wallet Card because of the increased functionality and the reduced fees.”

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive with regards to talent, and employees at Nipro go through extended training periods to ensure they are properly educated on how to manufacture pharmaceutical grade products. It is crucial for Nipro to hone in on all aspects of the employee experience to ensure it can continue to attract and retain top talent.

DuBois adds that the ability for employees to access on-demand pay with Dayforce Wallet is “the icing on the cake.”

Proving value with a smooth implementation and mobile access

Implementing new technology, especially when it comes to payroll, will inevitably lead to questions from senior leadership about the accuracy and viability of the system. “When Dayforce Wallet was first brought to my attention, the biggest concern I had was the financial risk to the company given the fact that the product was new. But in looking at Dayforce Wallet further and in-depth, I found that those concerns were unfounded,” says Mattingly.

Nipro moved ahead with implementing Dayforce Wallet, and Mattingly says the process was “completely seamless, integrated, and extremely efficient.”

DuBois adds, “Dayforce Wallet was the simplest implementation with Dayforce we’ve ever had. Actually turning the feature on took about 20 minutes at most, and we were able to roll it out to our first pilot group the very next day. By the end of the next two weeks, we had one location already enrolled.”

Since then, Mattingly says that half of Nipro’s workforce has registered for Dayforce Wallet, and the employee feedback has been very positive. “They are enjoying learning about the different ways that they can use Dayforce Wallet. They also appreciate how easy it has been for them to use, that there have been no fees, and that they can take an on-demand payment if they need,” says DuBois.

Seamlessly enabling a modern and flexible payroll experience

Approximately 50% of Nipro’s employees don’t have computers at home, so the fact that they can access their pay and other HR information on their mobile devices has been greatly appreciated. DuBois says this was an important factor Nipro considered when selecting both Dayforce and subsequently Dayforce Wallet.

Another critical aspect to Nipro selecting Dayforce Wallet is that in the State of New Jersey, companies cannot require employees to receive direct deposit should they wish to receive a paper check. With Nipro’s goal to go paperless for payroll, the company wanted to offer employees a solution that would show them that paper checks are no longer needed, and that they have a much quicker and more flexible way of receiving and managing their pay.

“As a payroll manager, Dayforce Wallet provides us the ability to offer our employees a method for electronic payment other than direct deposit with the bank, as well as giving us a way to get money to them immediately if we need to make a payroll correction,” she says. “Dayforce Wallet modernizes the payroll experience. Things happen in our life. Cars break down, kids need clothes for school, holidays come up. And on-demand pay provides all of our employees an opportunity to access funds in critical times.”

From the payroll team’s perspective, they love that Dayforce Wallet doesn’t add any additional work for them. “The amazing thing about Dayforce Wallet is it doesn't affect your payroll process at all. Dayforce actually fronts the funds when the employees request on-demand pay, and we don't see the money come out of our bank account until the normal impound date for that pay period,” says DuBois.

Building on a foundation of innovation

As Nipro continues to grow its partnership with Dayforce, Mattingly reflects on why the company chose to work with Dayforce to begin with.

“What was unique about Dayforce was they knew what Nipro needed before Nipro knew what we needed,” he says. “Nipro has a fundamental relationship and partnership with Dayforce. Everything that we have strategically put in motion to develop and evolve our workforce involves Dayforce. For both myself and for the company, we could not operate without it.”

The addition of Dayforce Wallet was seen as the logical next step in Nipro’s HCM evolution. “Dayforce Wallet helps modernize the pay experience by providing employees access to their money when they need it,” says DuBois.

“It really takes the whole payroll experience to another level,” adds Mattingly. “Dayforce Wallet is really going to tip the scales in Nipro's favor as an employer of choice. We know that we're a trendsetter, in partnership with Dayforce, by presenting this product to the workforce.”


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