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Optimise your operations for a happier, more productive workforce.
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Create fair, flexible schedules for frontline employees

Workplace productivity starts with a workforce management system that offers flexible scheduling, prioritises employee well-being and helps your organisation quickly adapt to change. And with workforce management and global payroll in the same platform, leaders can cut down on operating costs and make more efficient labour decisions.
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Align labour to business demand

Cushion your bottom line with the tools you need to control excess labour spending. Minimise over and under-staffing with demand-based scheduling.

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Make data-driven staffing decisions

Reveal staffing coverage challenges before they affect your people, production or customer satisfaction with real-time workforce intelligence.

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Prioritise workforce well-being

Put your people first with accommodating, flexible schedules. Help prevent fatigue by ensuring adequate rest and balanced workloads across your organisation.

Drive labour cost-effectiveness

Take control of the biggest expense for your business: labour. Dayforce Workforce Management helps you to stick to your labour budget with automation, smart scheduling and the ability to proactively address unplanned overtime - all while keeping your employees’ experience top of mind. 
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Track time worked anywhere

Manage your labour expenses through automation. With intelligent time and attendance tracking, busting the budget can become a thing of the past.

Create more intelligent schedules

Automatically generate a best-fit schedule. Consider factors like business demand, labour budget, worker preferences, pay rates and more.

Proactively address absences

Find and address absence patterns to avoid unplanned overtime, helping your organisation save on labour costs.

Pave the path to a more productive workforce

Don’t let your productivity be compromised when unforeseen challenges arise. Stay agile with the tools you need to adapt to change. Manage tasks strategically to align with business targets and track time efficiently, all in one place. 
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Track time your way

Choose from a variety of time clock solutions to make clocking in and out easy for your employees. Help your company track time more effectively.

Align operations with goals

Make informed labour decisions to help meet sales and production goals. Managers can schedule with confidence knowing they’re aligned with business demand.

Deploy tasks strategically

Make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time. Create, assign, review and deploy tasks to individual locations and departments in one place.

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Gannett improves work-life for their employees with Dayforce

The national new company uses dayforce to boost scalability, resiliency and improve the employee experience.

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Dayforce allows employees to track their time from wherever they are when they're working remotely. It also ensures that we are capturing that time and paying them appropriately based on where they're working.

Steven DelVecchio

​Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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