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Managing time off just got easier 

Make time off requests simple for employees to request and quicker for managers to approve.  
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Streamline absence management 

Dayforce Absence Management software gives you a complete, connected view of absences across your organisation. Easily track and manage time away requests in a single system that connects with scheduling, attendance and pay - all while keeping your employees’ experience top of mind. 

Provide your people with an easy way to request leave 

Empower employees to manage absence requests any time, anywhere via any device. 

Provide employees with complete visibility into current accruals and future time-off balances. 

Manage and track your employees’ planned or unplanned absences 

Quickly review and approve time off in compliance with company policies. 

Find and address absence patterns to reduce unplanned overtime.  

Absence management at a glance 

Get what you need to plan and manage absences.  
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Self-serve capabilities 

Provide employees with real-time insights into their current accruals and future balances, driving a smoother time-off request process. 

Mobile-first employee experience 

Empower employees to track productivity and complete work tasks conveniently with anywhere, any time mobile access. 

Holiday bidding  

With our automated bidding engine, you can reduce scheduling time and provide fair, flexible options for employees to take the time off they need. 

Policies for any scenario

Establish employee absence policies that help keep you compliant and meet your business needs. With a rich set of rules that you control, we make it easy to block requests that violate a policy, enforce black-out periods, adhere to union agreements and more .

Four-week calendar view

Provide greater visibility across your team and into the future with a four-week calendar view. Whether you're planning for the day, week or even month, a multi-week approach increases transparency and helps you be more efficient company wide. 

More employee autonomy 

Let your team review balances, select reasons, add comments and submit requests to managers when and where it works for them. 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“We use Dayforce to schedule shifts, so our employees know ahead of time what we're planning. It's a shared view of our labour structure, our labour scheduling and holiday scheduling. Employees can go in and request days off, supervisors can see what the employee's requesting and if it works with the schedule.”

James Keith

Senior Director of Operations

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