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Large enterprises operating globally are held to the highest standards of multi-jurisdictional compliance and data privacy. They need modern technology that can help them to manage compliance complexities and operate with confidence.

With Dayforce, your enterprise organisation can leverage global pay, time, HR and workforce management in one platform to help you streamline payroll, reduce overall risk and level up your people operations.

Why Dayforce

Dayforce helps modernise the pay and time experience

Schedule and plan, collect time and process payroll accurately and efficiently, wherever your people live and work. Dayforce helps elevate your people operations with payroll and time in a single, unified end-user experience.
Efficiently pay and manage your global workforce

Help pay and manage your global workforce with a single system that scales with you. Plus, get the support you need with standardised processes, proven best practices and seasoned professionals.

Optimise your people processes

Cushion your bottom line with the tools you need to control labour spending. Automatically generate smart schedules, make informed labour decisions to help meet business goals and simplify the time-tracking experience for everyone.

Simplify compliance in a complex world

As a recognised leader in compliance, Dayforce helps you proactively address changing legal requirements in today's borderless world of work. Stay on top of multi-jurisdiction taxation, expanding leave entitlements and key wage and hour developments.

How Dayforce Can Help

Shape an agile, future-ready workforce

With innovations like continuous calculation and on-demand pay, Dayforce empowers organisations to deliver modern and engaging employee experiences in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.
Pay your people any time, anywhere

Deliver global payroll in a single user experience. Help ensure your workforce is paid accurately, no matter where they live and work.

A single platform for time and pay

Time and pay are better together. With time and pay on the same platform, you can continuously calculate net pay as soon as a time record is created or updated.

Recruit top talent before your competitors

Attract top candidates by offering formal training, career pathing and succession plans that help your people grow and stay.

Easily integrate Dayforce with other systems

Take full advantage of your critical HR and payroll data. Quickly deploy integrations with our intuitive integration solution that’s right within Dayforce.

Simplify complex HR and payroll processes

Streamline workflows with our configurable, built-in rules engine. Ease your workload with powerful AI and machine learning to help automate tasks.

Make data-driven decisions without delay

Access HR data exactly when you need it with powerful reports and dashboards. Get visibility into workforce performance for more precise, efficient planning.

What We Offer

Empower your workforce

Boost productivity with our tailored HCM software. Manage talent, streamline operations, engage staff and enhance performance with our trusted tools.

Services and Support

We help you to succeed with Dayforce

Our extensive services and support help you to achieve success at every step of your Dayforce journey.

Your goals are our goals

When you partner with Dayforce, you get more than just HCM technology. From day one, we help you to maximise the value of your Dayforce investment with services and support that empower your teams to reach your business goals.

Get up and running fast with help from our teams who guide you through a best-practice-based implementation of Dayforce.

Access our robust portfolio of services to help you to reduce risk, augment your teams, optimise your business in times of change and so much more.

Receive continued guidance and resources from our dedicated customer success teams, our vibrant Dayforce customer community and 24/7 global support.

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Customer Stories

Why our customers love Dayforce

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“I think one of the ways that Dayforce is differentiated in the market is by having time, attendance and payroll in the same system. To me, that’s a game changer. It’s one less integration. There aren’t really any other partners or products on the market that can say that. So, I think that’s a key differentiator.”​

Scott Sikon

Senior Director of Global Payroll​, Sherwin Williams

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