Make Data-Driven HR Decisions

Unlock the power of your people data 

Go from data to insights to action with HR reporting software. 



Make data-driven decisions with HR reporting software 

When it comes to building a high-performing workforce, having the right data and analytics capabilities are key. Dayforce Reporting and Analytics provides the tools you need to generate actionable insights from your data so that you can retain your people, drive productivity and boost performance. 
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See metrics that matter 

Equip leaders with the right metrics when they need it with real-time access to powerful reports and dashboards. 

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Get connected insights 

With a single source of truth for your HCM data, you can reveal hidden insights across pay, time, talent and more.  

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Drive performance 

Understand how your business is performing against key initiatives. Make fast, proactive decisions to stay on track.

Dayforce Reporting

People metrics at your fingertips 

Decisions make themselves when you can make sense of your people data. With Dayforce Reporting, you can get your stakeholders and team focused on the right metrics with access to over 300 pre-built, configurable reports. 
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Make sense of your data 

Access employee data with HR reporting capabilities right in Dayforce - no need to leave the application. 

Create customised reports 

Create your own tailored HR reports that give you the insights you need to run your business. 

See a complete picture

Run reports that update in real time, so you can see the big picture of your organisation.

People Analytics

Gain deeper workforce insights 

Spot underlying trends and make proactive decisions to engage and retain your people. With People Analytics, you can get advanced insights into workplace stress, DEI and beyond so you can make informed decisions about your workforce. 
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Get turnkey analytics 

Start solving problems and create meaningful change with pre-calculated KPIs that span across all major functions. 

Drill into the details 

Understand every dimension of your organisation's performance with out-of-the-box dashboards built by Dayforce data scientists. 

Make informed decisions 

Interpret your people data using data visualisations. Get support at every step so you can make decisions that drive impact. 

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UL sets the standard for payroll with Dayforce

The safety, certification and testing company leverages Dayforce to pay its growing global workforce.

UL Underwriters Laboratories Logo

“We're a data-driven company, not only in the services that we provide to our customers but also how we operate our organisation. We measure everything. It's important for us to have quick and easy access to the data in Dayforce, to be able to leverage it in forecast planning.”

Todd Blevins

Vice President of Global Business Services

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