Give your people a voice with engagement surveys

Engage your people, improve productivity, and boost retention with employee engagement software. 
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Understand how your people really feel about work

Capture honest feedback with anonymous surveys that are easy to create and send with Dayforce Engagement. Quickly understand trends and patterns with analysis tools, and take action to drive change, boost retention, and support your DEI initiatives. 
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Boost employee satisfaction

Find out what motivates your people so you can increase engagement, reduce flight risks, and help your team perform at their best.  

Create a culture of belonging 

Get a sense of how your employees feel about all aspects of their work. Uncover where progress can be made and proactively address concerns.  

Ask The Right Questions And Get Results

Collect feedback and take action

With employee engagement survey tools in Dayforce, you can easily build and administer surveys, review feedback, and analyze results all in one place.
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Get firsthand feedback faster

Create surveys fast with our pre-defined question library.  With Dayforce, you can quickly run pulse checks, engagement surveys, onboarding and exit surveys, and so much more. 

Measure your employees’ experience

Collect anonymous survey responses and measure employee experience with eNPS – no matter if it’s a handful of employees or your entire organization.  

Identify trends and patterns

Get a read on employee comments with sentiment analysis to uncover critical issues. With the help of interactive dashboards, you can make strategic decisions to improve engagement. 

What's Included

Prioritize your people with employee satisfaction software

From surveys to insights and beyond, Dayforce provides what your team needs to keep a pulse on your company culture. 
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Keep engagement surveys on brand. Align surveys with your logo, images, colors, and more so they feel familiar to employees.  


Analyze employee comments to understand the tone behind their words. HR can review and curate comments before sharing with the extended team. 

Comparison tools

Show leaders how their team’s engagement results compare with organizational benchmarks, including past results and future targets.   

Heat map

Use heat mapping to quickly identify patterns among employee surveys, uncover favorable responses, and concentrate on areas of concern. 

Inclusion survey

Open up the dialogue with your staff with inclusion surveys that measure belonging, fair treatment, psychological safety, and trust. 

Segment analysis

Organize and filter data by segments, such as functional area, generation, or location to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses. 

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