Drive productivity with labor planning 

Make informed labor decisions to help meet sales and production goals. 
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Plan your people operations with purpose

Effective labor planning is critical to your organization’s success. Dayforce Labor Planning software helps you stay within your defined budget, make compliance easier, and be more strategic with your people. 
Control costs 

Align labor plans with company sales targets, all while keeping your budgets in check. 

Steer clear of violations 

Get notified if you go over budget. Your labor planning data ties directly into scheduling, helping you avoid costly violations. 

Simplify compliance  

Validate schedules against applicable labor rules like minimum rest and company-wide scheduling practices. 

What's Included

Align daily operations with business goals

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Predictive forecasts 

Create labor forecasts based on historical data, customer traffic, recent trends, and seasonal predictions. 

Smart schedules  

Schedule with confidence that you are aligned with business targets and labor demand.  

Labor-demand notifications 

Get warning messages that surface issues like over- or understaffing based on labor demand. 

Real-time KPI monitoring 

Get a real-time view of your KPI data in one place to help make more informed decisions. 

Budget safeguards 

Set KPI thresholds so you know when you’re exceeding your budget, helping you stay on track.  

Full visibility 

Get a rollup of your daily and weekly KPIs within a single, monthly view to enable better budgeting and planning. 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“Dayforce is really clever in identifying trends week-over-week and it's actually more accurate than I found myself to be. Dayforce really understands our trade patterns and can help find efficiencies in scheduling hour by hour.”

Lauren Dent

People System Manager

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