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May 22, 2024

Manage your extended workforce in one place with Dayforce Flex Work

Help solve today's labor complexity crisis with a contingent workforce solution. With short-term roles, you can fill current talent gaps and future workforce needs simply and efficiently.

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Organizations need to be able to flexibly scale their workforce to move quickly in today’s competitive environment. Tapping into gig, contract, and freelance workers is a great way for leaders to achieve workforce flexibility, but it means spending additional time sourcing the right people, filling open and variable shifts, and managing employment requirements that can vary across different geographies. 

At the same time, flexible work is a top priority for many people, and organizations are missing out on great talent from the gig economy. This is especially true in this new era of work with the rise of people looking to supplement their incomes through additional hours, gig and contract work, and side hustles.  

For organizations seeking this type of talent, overseeing this boundless workforce creates a complexity crisis that most companies and their systems are ill-equipped to handle. Many current approaches and technology solutions weren’t built with the ability to manage a flexible extended labor force and no longer meet the requirements for today’s businesses.  

A fragmented approach fails to create workforce flexibility 

Much of the current HCM technology landscape attempts to address these problems in a fragmented way. Many companies are struggling with using multiple vendors and products to help manage their full-time, part-time, and contingent workforce. These vendors and products are rarely connected, leaving leaders without a complete picture of their workforce. This struggle is often compounded with increased costs, operational headaches, and delays in the hiring process through multiple talent sources.  

A flexible workforce solution has the benefit of allowing organizations to augment their existing workforce while tapping into the freelance talent pool. The right technology can help employers remove barriers to accessing the gig economy. This gives workers flexibility in how and when they work and offers opportunities beyond driving and delivery gig work in industries like hospitality, retail, or distribution.  

With the introduction of Dayforce Flex Work, Dayforce becomes one of the first HCM technology companies to provide a single platform to help manage your contingent workforce needs alongside your existing workforce.2 Our vision is to empower you to manage talent smoothly from one platform, including internal employees and temporary, on-demand workers. 

Building a contingent workforce strategy   

You can prepare for your future workforce needs proactively by building a strong contingent workforce strategy — the perfect supplement to your existing workforce. With a single solution that integrates full-time, part-time, and temporary workers, managers can more easily anticipate and address seasonal demands or new projects requiring skillsets missing from the current workforce. 

Offering contingent work is also a great way to retain your top talent through flexible opportunities. Employees who want to scale back their hours or transition from full-time to part-time now have an avenue to continue contributing to your organization instead of leaving outright. Who better to provide additional support than your trusted, alumni talent who already knows how your organization works? 

But how can you find these short-term workers, especially when time is of the essence? That’s where a proactive contingent workforce solution comes in. 

Introducing Dayforce Flex Work 

Dayforce Flex Work is our innovative solution that helps companies find the right talent and build a flexible extended workforce. It’s an on-demand marketplace that helps organizations match their open shifts with vetted local workers. Employers can quickly source the talent they need to fill open shifts, augmenting their workforce when they need it. With Flex Work, workers can build their own schedules and choose to get paid the same day after completing a shift.  

What sets Dayforce Flex Work apart is that our system is a single, integrated solution for your full-time, part-time, and contingent workers. Unlike other systems on the market, this solution can help reduce your team’s administrative burden with sourcing flexible talent and paying them efficiently.  

Your managers can simply post shifts and be matched with a ready-to-work bench of talent, helping eliminate time and work spent on recruiting and onboarding cycles. Dayforce helps manage the hiring operations from sourcing and interviewing workers to completing Form I-9. You can save on time and operational costs while Dayforce Flex Work sources, interviews, hires, and compensates vetted, W-2 workers who can smoothly pick up your open shifts in real time.  

Flex Work also allows you the visibility to help effectively manage your entire workforce in the same application. When your business faces changing workforce demands due to seasonality or labor market volatility, tapping into flexible labor pools can help prevent business interruptions. With Dayforce Flex Work, you get instant access to a network of talent, from your preferred alumni, retirees, industry veterans, gig workers, and other fresh talent pools to fill open shifts.  

As a recognized leader in compliance, we are well-equipped to provide an on-demand marketplace solution built with compliance requirements in mind. Get the support you need with a smarter approach to compliance.  

Dayforce Flex Work is an end-to-end service that helps you manage communication, onboarding, and admin processes for your new contingent workers. Help conquer today’s complexity crisis in the labor market by leveraging a contingent workforce solution that allows you to build a strong talent bench. Go beyond filling talent gaps on an ad hoc basis and leverage Dayforce Flex Work to help you build an efficient, on-demand workforce that supports your business needs. 

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