Ceridian Seeks an EDGE on Gender Equality

Ceridian to undergo EDGE Strategy certification as next step in journey toward a gender equal workforce

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Minneapolis, MN
October 20, 2017

Minneapolis, MN, October 20, 2017 – Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company, today announced it is taking another step toward fulfilling its commitment to gender equality in the workplace by becoming an EDGE-certified organization.

Launched in 2011 at the World Economic Forum, EDGE certification has become the global standard assessment and certification methodology for gender equality. Third-party experts review an organization’s labor force data, survey employees to capture their workplace experience and perceptions surrounding it, and look at corporate policies and practices to determine the impact they have on gender equality. After a successful audit the organization is awarded one of three levels of EDGE certification, which must be renewed at regular intervals.

“Diversity and inclusion are more than just words at Ceridian,” said David Ossip, Chairman and CEO, Ceridian. “They are core values. By becoming EDGE certified we can demonstrate to people that we are committed to being transparent and accountable about how we are bringing those values to life and to making Ceridian an optimal workplace for women and men.”

The EDGE Certified Foundation works with more than 150 organizations in over 40 countries around the world.  The EDGE approach focuses on the business impact of greater gender equality and provides partner organizations with clear benchmarking metrics to help track progress toward a more gender equal workplace.

“We are pleased to see Ceridian joining the group of forward-thinking companies in the tech industry that actively engage in fostering gender-equal workplaces. In a bold move, David Ossip has stepped up to take on the challenge launched earlier this year at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum for the participant organizations to become EDGE Certified,” said Aniela Unguresan, Co-Founder, EDGE Certified Foundation. “This ideally positions Ceridian not only to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best possible pool of talent but also to transform the intelligence and creativity that comes with a gender equal workforce into business success. We hope to see the entire industry being energized into taking such trailblazing steps.”

Undertaking EDGE certification is another initiative by Ceridian to foster a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity. Other initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation by 14 Ceridian executives in the #GoSponsorHer program;
  • The Ceridian Women’s Network, which provides a forum for the professional improvement and personal development of Ceridian employees, focusing on the interests of women;
  • YOUnity, Ceridian’s diversity and inclusion program; and
  • CeridianPRIDE, an employee affinity group open to any employee who wants to help provide a safe space for LGBTQA+ and allied employees.

“As a global technology leader we have an opportunity, and an obligation, to be an example for others,” added Ossip. “Through these and other initiatives we are taking concrete steps to build greater diversity and inclusion at Ceridian, and we know that we will reap the benefits not just as a company, but as a society.”

Learn more about EDGE Certification.

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