Helping your workforce thrive when uncertainty is the new normal

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What you’ll learn:

The stages of a crisis and where we are today

Five ways to keep your people engaged and supported throughout prolonged uncertainty

How to cultivate resilience in your workforce and organization

Key strategies to “audit” your current state and redesign normal

Ceridian transitioned to Dayforce in January 2024. This webinar reflects the company name at the time of its recording.

We hosted a webinar back in March with tips to help organizations prepare and support their workforces as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Now that the initial adjustment period is over, organizations and their workers are facing a new set of challenges – and opportunities – as they begin to look forward to the future.

Join Jarrett Jedlicka, Vice President & Principal, Industry Advisory – Healthcare at Ceridian, in this follow-up webinar to hear how companies can build stronger, more resilient workforces to thrive under uncertainty, right now and in the future.

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