Building a next-gen financial services workforce

What you’ll learn:

How leaders can build a culture that’s attractive to millennial and Gen Z talent

Why it’s critical to rethink current workforce strategies

How technology can help financial services organizations develop, retain, reskill and attract talent

Ceridian transitioned to Dayforce in January 2024. This webinar reflects the company name at the time of its recording.

The financial services industry is experiencing a fast-paced transformation in a digital world. Tech startups are disrupting how customers access financial services and meeting their rising expectations with unparalleled speed and flexibility – changing the game for incumbents. Now more than ever, finance leaders need to rethink how to stay competitive and move faster for the future of work.

Watch Ceridian’s Patrick Luther, Vice President & Principal, Industry Advisory – Financial Services and Mary Lyon, Enterprise Solution Consultant as they discuss how to build a next-gen workforce with the right skills, culture, and leadership to outpace the competition, now and in the future.


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