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November 9, 2023

Embracing a boundless workforce with the latest Dayforce capabilities

Here’s how our recent innovations help leading organizations create better experiences, strengthen compliance, and take an open and connected approach to work.

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Today’s leaders are stuck in a perpetual balancing act between flexibility and compliance, empathy and productivity, and employee expectations and budget realities. At the same time, the workforce is increasingly boundless – borderless, fluid, and always on. Rapidly evolving workforce dynamics coupled with ever-changing compliance requirements creates a complexity crisis that organizations have to overcome for their people and business to perform and thrive.

“To be the HCM provider of choice and remain that, vendors need to increase their innovation speed and deliver Automation that addresses the challenges of enterprises. Dayforce is a great example, delivering innovation across its portfolio, starting with platform, to core capabilities and even in adjacent areas like HR Service Delivery. This kind of depth and breadth of the innovation is what makes CHROs, and CEOs sleep well at night, but more importantly, workers and people leaders as well.” said Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and Vice President at Constellation Research.

With Dayforce, we're constantly innovating to create simplicity at scale, which includes preparing organizations to operate in an AI-driven world. Our latest release focuses on new capabilities that create an exceptional talent experience, strengthen compliance, and build a more open and connected ecosystem.

Create an exceptional talent experience

The driving force behind our continued investments is to build better experiences for employees and seamlessly integrate these into everyday work. As part of this effort, we are starting by reimagining the candidate experience. This innovation provides an organized and streamlined experience with features like, saved job searches, simplified application processes, and continuous communication through SMS. This allows candidates to be at the center of their hiring journey and stay actively engaged during the recruiting process.

Organizations can now personalize their talent experience at scale and with ease using Dayforce People Experience. This new capability combines HR Knowledge Management, a knowledge repository for HR polices and processes, with HR Service Delivery, a case management capability, to help your people easily find the HR information they need wherever they are, through natural language processing. Dayforce HR Service Delivery also taps into our latest innovation, Dayforce Co-Pilot, set for availability in 2024. This helps to generate suggested answers based on the corporate knowledge base, and auto-create an HR service ticket when additional assistance is needed – all while it self-learns along the way.

Strengthen your organization’s compliance

To create a stronger compliance engine to match the complexity of today’s workforce, we’ve enhanced the Dayforce Payroll experience with a fluid and easy-to-use dashboard and introduced Dayforce Autonomous Payroll. This is an innovative payroll capability that streamlines payroll audits, making it easier for payroll administrators to access the data they need when they need it, while reducing risks as it works to resolve errors before running payroll. Dayforce Autonomous Payroll can tap into Dayforce Co-Pilot to assist with sending automated notifications when data anomalies occur, such as an hourly worker who may have logged a significant increase in the number of hours worked.

Additionally, organizations can now offer Shift Bidding to their employees via the Dayforce mobile app. This helps to balance the needs of organizations and employees by making it easier for managers to fill labor demand needs and allowing your people to have more control over the hours they work. This capability will be enhanced even further in 2024 with Shift Marketplace – a cost-effective tool to fill positions quickly by allowing employees to opt for shifts outside of their home location.

One of our newest innovations, Entitlement Tracer, helps to simplify compliance with transparency on internal entitlement policies. This new capability provides real time insight into employee entitlement balances, decreasing calls to HR administrators, simplifying the process, and helping you to manage compliance.

And lastly, Premium Tax Services is now available to U.S. organizations with a comprehensive suite of services including trends analyses, and consistent guidance from professional experts to help manage costs and reduce compliance risk.

Embrace an open and connected approach to work

In our mission to help organizations work smarter, not harder, we’ve released unique capabilities that simplify the process of building tighter connectivity and synergizing your HR integrations. With user experience at the forefront, Integration Studio is a no-code/low-code integration builder for customers and partners that allows data to move in and out of Dayforce with ease. Now organizations can own exactly how Dayforce integrates within their larger HR ecosystem. Integration Studio will be one the key capabilities that will power the Partner Exchange and Solution Exchange that were announced earlier at Insights and due to be released next year.

Today’s borderless workforce demands that organizations strategically invest in their people so they can stay ahead of the competition with a personalized holistic approach supporting employees at every stage of their career. Leaders should be focused on making the right technology decisions to provide an exceptional employee experience, build stronger compliance, and create a more connected and open ecosystem. With people at the center of our new capabilities and AI innovations, we help organizations transform their workplace by staying at the cutting edge of HCM technology. 

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