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September 28, 2021

Five minutes on Shared Ambition with Wendy Muirhead, VP, Ceridian Europe

Our Way is the set of values that are core to Ceridian’s culture and our thinking. In part three of our blog series, Wendy Muirhead, VP, Ceridian Europe, describes what Shared Ambition means to her, and how it empowers us to think big.

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What does Shared Ambition mean to you personally?

Shared Ambition is one of my favorite values. I love this value because it’s about having a big dream and achieving it together with your team. It’s how we can build that dream by overcoming challenges and supporting and empowering one another.

What does this Our Way value look like for our teams at Ceridian?

We put our customers at the center of everything, and we can’t create an elevated customer experience end-to-end by ourselves. It takes an army to go through the process of truly understanding what our customers need and providing a seamless implementation process, while delivering on the promises that we make. Creating an amazing customer experience starts with the entire team coming together to accomplish one vision.

What does Shared Ambition look like for our customers and partners?

We can't deliver an amazing customer experience without being very clear about how we all contribute individually and as a team. At Ceridian, we empower our people to take ownership of building a great customer experience on an individual level. We encourage everyone to hold themselves accountable when it comes to delivering on the promises we make to our customers. This shared ambition extends to our customers as we work together to support their business success. This is also true for our partners – we all work together to accomplish a goal.

How do we demonstrate Shared Ambition on a global scale?

We’re lucky to have the resources we need to help us deliver exactly what our customer needs and in the right way. It’s about opening up the team experience so we can balance what the customers are looking for and support them wherever they're based in the world. The more we do that as a team, and we're consistently saying, “Yes, we can do that,” the more powerful our brand becomes in the market. Our new emerging markets start to see traction and visibility because of all the great work globally that organizations are sharing about their experience as well as our partnerships across other parts of the world.

What is an example of Shared Ambition you’ve seen in action?

More recently, one of the members in my team was working with a prospective organization and realized early on that providing support from global headquarters wasn’t the right approach for that specific customer. Instead, they wanted to focus on a certain area of the APJ region as the customer really needed localized support. My team are all in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), so we needed to engage our Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) team. We connected the team and customer locally and supported the transition to our APJ colleagues. The wider team continues to offer support when needed and trusts our APJ colleagues to continue delivering a great customer experience.

Together, we ensure that we’re doing our part to support our customers. If they have a specific business need for a particular country or region, then we work together to get the right team on it. This is one of the things I see that makes Ceridian a rich differentiator.

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