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November 9, 2022

Announcing the Ideal Talent Marketplace: The future of flexible staffing

The Ideal Talent Marketplace gives organizations access to qualified, on-demand workers, while offering workers a better experience finding shifts and getting paid.

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Today, Ceridian announced the Ideal Talent Marketplace – a new platform designed to address labor shortages and skills gaps by giving organizations access to qualified, W-2 workers. The Ideal Talent Marketplace connects organizations to a flexible, on-demand workforce to help them scale and operate with agility.

The future of flexible staffing

Organizations are facing staffing shortages and lack the fluidity to quickly adapt to changing demand. They often struggle to fill open shifts quickly, and managing a flexible workforce comes with added compliance complexity. The Ideal Talent Marketplace allows you to efficiently manage your workforce and help optimize labor spend with a single tool for traditional and flexible labor.

Our skilled labor pool allows organizations to fill shift gaps, find coverage for specific projects, and build and deploy skilled teams quickly. This means organizations can scale up or down to meet demand in a cost-effective way. The Ideal Talent Marketplace helps reduce the time spent on staffing and managing on-demand workers by handling verifications, worker recruitment, onboarding, benefits, and pay.

Blending flexibility and stability

Workers are experiencing challenges in today’s work world, too. Many people want greater flexibility in when, where, and how they work. In our 2023 Pulse of Talent research report, 49% of respondents said flexibility and work-life balance are the most important attributes in a job.

Workers who are seeking temporary or gig work often spend a lot of time they aren’t paid for searching for and evaluating opportunities. These workers often lack predictable pay and the benefits of a traditional W-2 employee. The Ideal Talent Marketplace helps deliver flexibility and stability at the same time by making it faster and easier to find work, while offering instant pay after every shift.

The Ideal Talent Marketplace simplifies finding work by allowing workers to fill out one application and then have access to available shifts that fit their location, pay range, and skills. And workers benefit from the security of being matched with vetted organizations.

How the Ideal Talent Marketplace works

It all starts with an organization posting an open shift. Since the Ideal Talent Marketplace is built on Dayforce, organizations can post unfilled shifts directly from Dayforce scheduling to the marketplace.

Once the listing is live, workers get matched to shifts. Dayforce’s skills engine matches vetted workers from our talent pool to jobs based on skills, geography, experience, and availability.

After pairing and selection occur, the Ideal Talent Marketplace helps streamline the rest of the process, from onboarding to pay. As the employer of record, we help reduce the complexity of hiring flexible workers by covering worker administration and supporting compliance.

Be the first to try it

The Ideal Talent Marketplace is expected to be available for charter customers and workers in 2023. We’re excited to invite interested organizations to get early access and be some of the first to try it. Learn more about our early adopter program and get on our VIP list.

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