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December 16, 2022

Best of 2022: A recap of our top HCM content this year

DEI, global pay, middle managers, burnout - we've covered dozens of HCM topics in 2022. Here's a recap of our best HR content at Ceridian.

Table of Contents

It’s that time of year where we look back at all we’ve done for the past 12 months and see how far we’ve come. This year at Ceridian, our team has been hard at work publishing fresh content. While the weeks flew by, our blogs, research reports, whitepapers, and customer stories are here to stay.

Whether you’ve kept up with us all year long or you’re new to our blog, we’ve curated a compilation of the most useful and relevant content this year.

Table of Contents

Our top HR blogs in 2022

Most-read blogs of 2022

Our newest blog addition: Ultimate guides

Blogs on trends and hot topics

Blogs by industry and sector

The public sector
The retail industry
Small businesses
The manufacturing sector

Top news on DEI and culture

Blogs on company news in 2022

Data insight blogs

My favorites from the year

Focusing in on middle managers
The rise of data and analytics

Our 2022 customer stories

Our 2022 research reports

Pulse of Talent

Executive Survey

Future of Payroll Survey

Our 2022 whitepapers and guides


Our top HR blogs in 2022

First up is – you guessed it – our Ceridian blog. With over 60 pieces of new content, choosing only a few of our 2022 blogs to spotlight was a challenge. In an effort to cover the multitude of topics and data we shared this year, we’ve put together this chaptered approach to our year-end content lookback.

Most-read blogs of 2022

It’s time to showcase the fan favorites. These are the top 10 most-read blogs of the year, according to the numbers.

1. How to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the


Coming in first place is one of our DEI guides that covers how employers can facilitate an inclusive work culture. The focus of this blog is on 10 unique ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at your organization.

2. Here's what your turnover and retention rates should look like

Next up is our blog discussing turnover and retention rates. This blog discusses strategies for measuring labor statistics and benchmarking salaries.

3. Revitalizing your CSR and ESG strategies in a

post-pandemic world

Corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance strategies are vital to organizational success. This blog’s focus is to share how your organization can build a CSR strategy and why it can drive value to your business.

4. Seven ways to successfully manage international teams

With the rise of remote work, more and more companies are expanding their labor pools across national borders. If you’re managing an international team, here are some tips for intercultural communication that might help your team collaborate better.

5. Seven ways to promote workplace wellness

Employee wellbeing was a hot topic this year as employers decided how to handle mental health benefits. This blog shares the business case for promoting workplace wellness while offering a seven-part solution to this issue.

6. Five tips for managers to handle negative attitudes

in the workplace

Employees with negative attitudes can ruin team productivity and cause continuous problems. This blog covers some strategies managers can use during these challenging employee conversations and better their company culture.

7. The impact of good and bad employee onboarding


Onboarding is an essential aspect of the employee journey that can drastically influence retention. Here’s just how impactful good and bad employee onboarding experiences are in the long run.

8. The role of managers in employee onboarding, and how

to get them involved in the process

Onboarding won another top spot this year, specifically how managers can make or break the new hire process. The secret? Managers must buy into the onboarding journey and support new hires every step of the way.

9. 10 new and creative employee onboarding ideas

Again, onboarding was a key focus for our readers this year. This blog shares 10 new and inventive ideas for making your onboarding process fun and engaging.

10. Three keys to a successful strategic onboarding program

Employee onboarding won the bottom half of our 2022 most-read list. Haphazard onboarding will lead to a breakdown in new hire-employer communication. Implementing strategic onboarding programs will help you avoid the common pitfalls that discourage new hires from staying aboard.

Our newest blog addition: Ultimate guides

In 2022, we at Ceridian decided that it was long past time for us to create ultimate guides to essential HR topics that you want to know more about. Whether you’re focusing on workforce management or diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re building a catalog of go-to HR resources that can drive your business forward.

Workforce Management: The complete guide to workforce planning strategy

In 2022, operational management entered a new realm. The future of work is here, and a workforce planning strategy can help your organization make better, more agile decisions.

The complete guide to payroll outsourcing

No matter the size of your organization, outsourcing key functions like payroll can help you save time and money. This complete guide shares the benefits of managed services and how you can reduce risk across your operations.

The ultimate guide to DEI work initiatives

As diversity, equity, and inclusion becomes an increasing focus for HR leaders, we wanted to offer our thought leadership on DEI work initiatives. This ultimate guide goes to the heart of the issue, moving past mere discussion of DEI to actual ideas and methods for implementing equitable practices.

Blogs on trends and hot topics

2022 was not short on its buzz words and hot topics. And we wanted to weigh in with our own perspective on a few of these issues. Here’s a collection of our blogs on trends and topics that were relevant to worldwide organizations this year.

Quiet quitting and quiet firing: How improving hybrid workplace culture can help resolve both

We’ve heard so much about quiet quitting, but have you learned about quiet firing? The way these two phenomena coincide will help you understand the way your organization behaved in 2022.

Onboarding success can help employers avoid the Great Regret

The Great Regret is the follow-up to the Great Resignation. How did employees feel about their decision to leave their past companies?

The rise of employee monitoring and what to do instead

Remote and hybrid work are here to stay. But along with them tend to come troublesome practices like employee monitoring. This blog covers what exactly this monitoring looks like and how organizations can find better solutions that build trust, rather than destroy it.

Top priorities for U.S. HR and payroll leaders in 2022

Each year, we follow the trends that matter to you. And after a full 12 months, we think these topics are more relevant than ever. Consider these top trends as you exit 2022 and how they’ll influence your work in the years to come.

Blogs by industry and sector

While we love to cover all kinds of topics in the HCM space, we also take deep dives into specific industries and sectors. This year’s core content covered ideas and use cases for the public sector, retail, small business, and manufacturing industries.

The public sector

Improving the employee experience for the public sector’s next generation

Employee experience is essential for the public sector as organizations find the balance between hiring new talent and retaining older employees nearing retirement. If you’re faced with the challenges of the silver tsunami, consider the employee experience as your key to success.

How total compensation helps the public sector with employee retention

Employees in the public sector want more and are willing to look elsewhere for a total compensation and employee experience package. See why learning and development, upskilling, and career pathing can impact public sector employee retention.

The retail industry

How can improving the employee experience help retain retail workers?

In 2022, the retail industry experienced a high resignation rate, signaling that employees want more out of their retail jobs. Here’s how the employee experience can help you retain top talent.

A retail manager’s guide to fair holiday scheduling year-round

Scheduling, especially around the holidays, is a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks to managing the busy holiday season and recovering your workforce afterward.

Improving hourly associates’ work-life balance with better scheduling

Scheduling in the retail industry is fraught with challenges between employee work-life balance and shift coverage. Here’s how you can take steps toward better scheduling.

Small businesses

Small businesses can make a big impact with professional partnerships

Small businesses are always vying for more brand recognition. That’s one of the many things that a professional partnership can help you with.

Protect your small business: Three things you can do today

Your small business is a major focus in your life – don’t let things like tax compliance fines, unclear employee expectations, and limited workforce planning get in the way.

The manufacturing sector

How manufacturing can build a resilient workforce

The manufacturing sector needs skilled talent to stay. And one of the best ways to do this is to utilize technology to build a resilient workforce.

Top news on DEI and culture

This year, we focused on company culture in a big way, particularly as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here’s a splash of our best blogs on the topic in 2022.

Why mental health matters and how it impacts your work life

Mental health is a vital part of how employees experience their work life. Ceridian’s Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness, Michelle Bonam, shares her story with mental health and how organizations can improve their culture around this topic.

Ukraine refugee crisis: Raising awareness and taking action

The war in Ukraine has been a major news story throughout 2022. One of the consequences of this conflict has been the displacement of native Ukrainians. Organizations can do more to support Ukrainian refugees as they leave their homes, and we recommend a few strategies to consider.

Creating a culture of belonging in the workplace

During Pride month this year, Ceridian’s Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Donnebra McClendon, shared how organizations can take actions to support 2SLGBTQ+ employees at work.

How to be a great ally to the 2SLGBTQ+ community

Also during this year’s Pride month, Felipe Cerqueira, Ceridian’s Pride Chair, shared how to be a true ally. Explore his recommendations for supporting 2SLGBTQ+ peers at work.

Blogs on company news in 2022

This year, we shared about our internal initiatives and product innovations more than ever before. Here are a few highlights of our 2022 company news.

Announcing the Ideal Talent Marketplace: The future of flexible staffing

The Ideal Talent Marketplace gives organizations access to qualified, on-demand workers, while offering workers a better experience finding shifts and getting paid.

What is the Ceridian Partner Network, and how does it help drive success?

The Ceridian Partner Network is vital to helping our customers drive HR transformation, and we’re grateful to our partners for their collaboration over the past year. Learn more about how partner networks can better your business.

DEI in action through Ceridian’s Achieving Corporate Equity program

2022 marks the launch of Ceridian’s Achieving Corporate Equity (ACE) program. Explore our leadership development initiative designed for underrepresented minorities.

Data insight blogs

For the first time on our blog this year, we started assessing de-identified data from clients who opted in to sharing their data for research purposes. Using this information, we helped organizations gain deeper understandings of burnout, rehiring, and retention.

How to help prevent burnout across the employee lifecycle

Burnout rates among employees are linked to organizational tenure. Explore our data to learn about this correlation and how you can help prevent burnout.

Demystifying burnout: The who, what, and why of work burnout symptoms

Burnout is an ever-present issue in the workplace. Here’s the who, what, and why of work burnout symptoms and how you can address them at your organization.

Boomerang employees: Why rehires are invaluable to your organization and how to retain them

Boomerang employees leave their organizations but often return with greater intent to stay. Explore our exciting data on rehiring and retention.

My favorites from the year

As a Content Marketing Specialist at Ceridian, I play a part in the blogs we publish throughout the year. I’ve seen lots of great content on dozens of topics go out this year, but there are a few that caught my eye – and I think they’ll interest you as well.

Focusing in on middle managers

Middle managers are often overlooked and don’t get the attention and resources they deserve. We decided to do a closer look at how middle managers function in organizations and how you can improve operational leadership and connectedness.

The plight of the middle manager in 2022

Middle managers experience unique challenges and pressures that deserve organizational attention. Here’s more on the plight of the middle manager in 2022.

From the trenches: Hearing from middle managers

In the second part of our middle manager series, hear firsthand what middle managers have to say about burnout, organizational communication, management style, and more.

How to support your middle managers

The employee-manager relationship is vital to long-term retention. Here’s how to support your middle managers through assimilation and psychological safety.

Using HCM technology to make managers’ lives easier

The employee-manager relationship is vital to long-term retention. Here’s how to support your middle managers through assimilation and psychological safety.

The rise of data and analytics

Data and analytics were a recurring topic this year on our blog. Here’s a compilation of helpful content to boost your analytical practices that can help you make the most of your data gathering efforts.

How to start measuring DEI success at your organization

The old adage goes: You can’t change what you don’t measure. Here are six KPIs you should track, and why technology could be the missing link in your DEI strategy.

Here's why HR business partners need real-time people analytics

HR leaders are ready for change. Executing a successful business transformation requires the right insights from your people data to create proactive strategies that stick. Learn more about the power of analytics to align your people and business strategies.

The importance of workforce metrics and analytics as an HR leader

Don’t let an unexamined workplace keep you from effective people operations. Here’s more on the importance of workforce metrics and analytics as an HR leader.

Tips and tricks for starting your HR reporting and analytics journey

Learning how to navigate and harness human resources data can feel challenging. Try these tips and tricks for starting your HR reporting and analytics journey.

Our 2022 customer stories

We love to share a good story, especially when our Dayforce users are involved. This year, we’re proud to have collaborated with our customers all around the world to share their stories via written and video content. If you haven’t seen the amazing things our customers and partners are up to, here’s a shortlist of our 2022 customer story content.

The City of Columbus, Ohio embraces enterprise-wide change with intelligent HCM

Learning how to navigate and harness human resources data can feel challenging. Try these tips and tricks for starting your HR reporting and analytics journey.

OTG Management soars to new heights

The airport restaurant and retail chain uses Dayforce to help streamline HR operations and improve the employee experience for its nationwide workforce.

Danone North America delivers the future of employee experience with pay on demand

The consumer-packaged-goods manufacturer implements Dayforce Wallet to meet the needs of a changing workforce with pay on demand.

Spirit AeroSystems soars with a borderless global payroll solution

One of the world’s largest aerostructures manufacturers uses Dayforce for global managed payroll and workforce management to help power its business.

Milwaukee County sharpens its competitive edge

The county uses Dayforce to help maximize the potential of its workforce and implement innovative employee retention strategies.

Bankstown Sports Club scores with partnership and technology

The not-for-profit hospitality company partners with both Ceridian and Enforce to implement modern HCM technology, streamline operations, and improve the employee experience.

Our 2022 research reports

Data is at the heart of our content, and we love to join the fray with our own annual research reports. In 2022, we learned a lot about the global workforce, and we want to share that data with you. If you haven’t already downloaded these global and regional reports, now’s the time.

Pulse of Talent: Competing for talent takes more than pay

Ceridian’s 2022 Pulse of Talent survey data, collected from more than 6,800 workers from around the globe, shows that employee career decisions and performance are driven by more than the size of their paycheck – and that’s a big opportunity for employers.

Executive Survey: Making agility more than a mindset

Ceridian’s 2022 Executive Survey reveals that leaders today feel confident about managing disruption. From data breaches and natural disasters to labor shortages and supply chain issues, 70% or more of respondents feel very or extremely confident in their organization’s ability to handle a variety of disruptions.

Future of Payroll Survey: Mapping the journey ahead for payroll professionals

Ceridian’s Future of Payroll Survey, conducted in partnership with the American Payroll Association (APA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI), revealed that 85% of respondents have problems with their payroll technologies, and 69% have payroll data issues. There’s even more work to be done to be ready for what tomorrow brings.

Our 2022 whitepapers and guides

In 2022, our whitepapers and guides remained relevant as ever. While our large catalog of helpful, downloadable resources was widely used, our newest addition is worth some special attention.

Advanced workforce management: Transforming operations and engagement

Agility is a top priority for leaders in today’s unpredictable world. But this is difficult to achieve without visibility into what's affecting workforce productivity and turnover or increasing labor costs. The right workforce management system can help you see around corners and make decisions that improve how people work. And that drives your organization's bottom line.

2022 in review

We spent the year researching and writing about all the trends that matter to you, and we hope it was helpful as you made key business decisions throughout the year. Keep up with our newest and latest content all year long via our thought leadership newsletter, or follow us on social media.

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