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Supporting our people through equity, wellness, and professional growth are how we live up to our Makes Work Life Better™ brand promise
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Our top priority

We are committed to creating equitable opportunities for all Ceridian employees, and we work every day to make progress and deliver on that commitment. Our people make our organization stronger, more creative, and more resilient. In short—our people make us better. We recognize and value these strengths, and we strive to nurture them with policies and programs designed to encourage growth and wellness.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Ceridian, we value diversity and aim to foster a culture that respects and celebrates everyone. This is essential to a positive employee experience, which is why we added Equity as an Our Way value in 2021. We’ve prioritized creating a more inclusive workplace culture through several initiatives, including empowering high-potential talent from underrepresented and underserved communities to rise within our organization through our Achieving Corporate Equity (ACE) Program. We also added a new question to our annual employee engagement survey to measure their sense of inclusion within the organization, and we established a standardized scoring matrix for use in recruiter interviews to prevent bias from informing hiring decisions. While these steps are meaningful, we recognize that our journey is only just beginning, and we are committed to learning more and doing better.

Equal pay is one element of our wider commitment to creating equitable opportunities for all employees. Through a third-party assessment in 2022, we validated that there is no pay disparity between white and non-white employees in the United States, and a less than 1% disparity between men and women globally. We are proud of the progress we made, and we will continue to regularly analyze compensation data and make changes as needed.


Health and well-being

We each require a solid foundation of health and well-being to be our best selves. To help our employees, we’ve established a wide range of programs to offer variety and convenience in our always-on world, including fitness reimbursements, wellness days, and mental health resources. In 2022, we expanded our Workplace Health and Safety team, grew the number of office Health and Safety committees by 50%, and partnered with AlertMedia to deploy a new company-wide threat intelligence and multi-channel emergency communications system.


We offer a variety of benefits and perks to make work life better for every person at Ceridian, which are detailed in our annual ESG reports. In 2022, we increased our base hourly wage to $18 for full- and part-time employees in the U.S., strengthened our paid parental leave policy to include 17 weeks for all foster, adoption, and biological parents regardless of gender or caregiver status, began covering travel expenses for employees and their families who need to leave their home state to receive reproductive or gender-affirming health care, and increased the availability of fertility and family-building benefits.


Leadership and learning development

Our Leadership and Learning Development team helps advance our workforce development programming and meet the needs and expectations of our dynamic and fast-growing organization. They create opportunities for employees to learn new skills and grow as professionals through Ceridian University’s School of Learning and Leadership Development, which includes three major areas: Professional Skills Curriculum, Core Leadership Development Programming, and Strategic Leadership Development Programs. In 2022, employees completed nearly 200,000 hours of professional development with an average of over 24 hours per employee.

Awards and Recognition

Recognized excellence

America's Most Responsible Companies 2023 Newsweek Statista Bloomberg Gender Equality Index Award Badge Greater Toronto's Top 2022 Employers 2022 report on Business Best Executive Awards Canada’s Best Employers for 2023 by Forbes Award Badge DEI Impact Award 2022 Top 20 Most Innovative DEI Company

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