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Supporting our people through equity, wellness, and professional growth are how we live up to our brand promise to make work life better.
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Our top priority

We are committed to creating equitable opportunities for all Dayforce employees, and we work every day to make progress and deliver on that commitment. Our people make our organization stronger, more creative, and more resilient. We recognize and value these strengths, and we strive to nurture them with policies and programs designed to encourage growth and wellness.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Dayforce, we value diversity and aim to foster a culture that respects and celebrates everyone. This is essential to a positive employee experience, which is why we added Equity as an Our Way value in 2021. In 2023, we prioritized creating a more inclusive workplace culture through several initiatives.

We increased the number of annual cohorts of our award-winning Achieving Corporate Equity (ACE) program, which helps high-potential talent from underrepresented and underserved communities rise within our organization.

We expanded our executive mentorship program and leadership lecture series for diverse talent to equip them with new skills to successfully advance in their careers both at Dayforce and beyond.

We also widened the focus of our employee resource groups (ERGs) to include skill-building workshops, certifications and trainings, and other career development opportunities, all with the goal of boosting internal mobility for employees from diverse backgrounds.

Health and well-being

We each require a solid foundation of health and well-being to be our best selves. To help our employees, we’ve established a wide range of programs to offer variety and convenience in our always-on world, including fitness reimbursements, wellness days, and mental health resources.

In 2023, we developed a new support program to provide employees impacted by crisis events with temporary housing, paid leave, benefits support, and other types of assistance offerings. We also hosted our second annual Mental Health Summit last year, with more than 700 employees in 15 countries participating.


We offer a variety of benefits and perks to make work life better for every person at Dayforce, which are detailed in our annual ESG report. In 2023, we added a number of new offerings to the robust suite of benefits and policies we provide to many of our employees. This included targeted programs to help employees who experience specific types of health challenges, including diabetes, musculoskeletal pain, and gastrointestinal issues.

Our employees also now have access to a digital support system for working families who are navigating a variety of topics such as finding childcare, eldercare, and financial planning for college. There is also a new benefit that gives parents access to tools and resources to help them better understand, teach, and communicate with children who have learning and developmental disabilities.


In this era of profound workplace transformation, the ability to effectively attract and retain top talent is perhaps more important to organizational success — and more challenging — than ever before.

To meet this moment, in 2023 our Talent Acquisition team matured our Early Talent Program with a nearly 50% annual increase in interns hired globally. In addition, they partnered with York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering to provide students in its Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program an opportunity for real-world work experience at Dayforce while pursuing their studies.

Leadership and learning development

At Dayforce, we aim to create a culture of continuous learning and empowerment in which our employees are provided many opportunities to enhance their skills. In 2023, we launched more than 150 programs to help our employees succeed both in their current roles as well as others in the future.

This included delivering more than 300 hours of professional skills training, providing more than 5,000 hours of leadership development, and facilitating more than 700 hours of team effectiveness workshops. In total, Dayforce colleagues from around the globe participated in over 200,000 hours of professional and career development learning and growth opportunities last year.

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