Help achieve long-term success with Dayforce training

Get the most out of Dayforce with education and training to empower your teams.
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Maximise Dayforce with knowledge and training

Roll out Dayforce and ramp up your people with education and training opportunities that can help you to realise value from Dayforce more quickly. Throughout your implementation and beyond, you’ll get access to relevant, comprehensive training from our professionals to help you to achieve success.

Tailor learning to your organisation's needs with a comprehensive course catalogue and flexible learning methods.

Personalise when and where your people learn with a range of options, including classroom learning, virtual learning or self-study.

Keep users engaged with continued learning once you’ve gone live so that they stay up to date.

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What's included

Empower your teams to make the best use of Dayforce

Take advantage of a diverse training portfolio that includes baseline and customised training to help your organisation effectively use and administer Dayforce.
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Org readiness toolkit

Help prepare your organisation for change with our org readiness toolkit, which includes sample plans, pre-built templates, introductory videos and more.

Instructor-led training

Get access to instructor-led courses from our course catalogue to empower your team with product expertise and confidence.

Customised go-live training

Boost user adoption with personalised training. Customised go-live training is unique to your Dayforce configuration to help drive adoption for users.

Self-directed learning

Empower new and existing users to continue their Dayforce learning via e-learning courses, interactive online help and training guides.

Multiple learning formats

Access a variety of learning tools and formats to meet individual accessibility needs and personalise the learning experience.

Course catalogue

Choose the best education and training courses for your organisation from our comprehensive course catalogue.

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