Ceridian Launches Dayforce Autonomous Payroll

New industry-disrupting innovation reimagines the traditional payroll process, offering transformative capabilities for efficiency and accuracy

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October 4, 2023

Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. (NYSE: CDAY; TSX: CDAY), a global leader in human capital management (HCM) technology, today launched Dayforce Autonomous Payroll, a new, automated, one-of-a-kind payroll capability that will modernize the experience for administrators.

The announcement was made at INSIGHTS 2023, the company’s annual customer conference being held in Las Vegas and livestreamed online. Thousands of attendees are engaging in sessions and experiences centered on helping them drive success with “A Brand New Dayforce,” the conference's theme. At the conference, the company also announced plans to unify its brand to Dayforce, expected to become effective in January 2024.

Historically, payroll has been inherently manual and complex, as it is subject to ever-changing jurisdictional wage and hour regulations, as well as data and privacy requirements. As a result, many organizations are left with antiquated resources and systems to deliver the service accurately and efficiently to their workforce. Additionally, time and attendance data were traditionally not available until the end of the pay period, causing payroll administrators to rely on time-consuming batch processing that only added to the heavy workload and oftentimes led to calculation errors.

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll revolutionizes payroll processing by removing the need for manual identification of data anomalies and offering administrators the ability to complete a payroll run instantly. Leveraging Ceridian’s industry-leading continuous calculation engine, Dayforce Autonomous Payroll runs payroll simulations constantly during the pay period, giving administrators advance notification of potential issues. Dayforce Autonomous Payroll features an intuitive, interactive dashboard, which centralizes payroll audits into a streamlined and actionable command center.

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll can be enhanced and enriched with the newly announced Dayforce Co-Pilot, an AI-powered conversational teammate that helps navigate tasks, answer questions, and get work done faster and more efficiently. In concert with Dayforce Autonomous Payroll, Dayforce Co-Pilot can assist with the sending of automated nudges when data anomalies occur, such as an hourly worker who may have logged a significant increase in the number of hours worked. Dayforce Co-Pilot alerts and provides a suggested reason why the anomaly occurred to help potentially eliminate guesswork. As a result, payroll administrators can swiftly rectify issues in real-time and be more solutions-focused, without being crunched for time before payday.

“We have a strong history of innovation in global payroll as demonstrated by our industry leadership, ” said Joe Korngiebel, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ceridian. “Dayforce Autonomous Payroll is a leap forward in the industry – cutting complexity for our customers in an entirely new way.”

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll will begin to be available to Dayforce customers in 2024.

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