What happens after the honeymoon? How to retain your people

What you’ll learn:

Key findings from this year’s Pulse of Talent report

Differentiators for an effective retention strategy

How Dayforce can help you retain your people

Sneak peak of Dayforce Talent management

Ceridian transitioned to Dayforce in January 2024. This webinar reflects the company name at the time of its recording.

The first year at a new job is the honeymoon period – fresh, exciting, and full of learning. What happens when the honeymoon ends if tasks become repetitive, exciting becomes predictable, and learning has stopped? Complacency can be your organization’s worst enemy as the grass starts to look greener elsewhere.

Keeping your people past the honeymoon period requires a dedicated retention strategy. Join Josie Jarnagin, HR Operations Manager at Electro Scientific Industries and Ceridian’s Leah Mendelsohn, Associate Product Marketing Specialist, on Wednesday, April 3rd at 2 p.m. ET as they discuss what you can do to keep your employees engaged and how Dayforce can help support your retention strategy.

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