Flexibility - the key to attracting and retaining talent

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Ceridian transitioned to Dayforce in January 2024. This webinar reflects the company name at the time of its recording.

Ceridian’s 2023 Pulse of Talent report, which surveyed more than 8,800 workers from around the globe, found that flexibility and work-life balance have become top priorities for today’s workers.

For Gen Z respondents (aged 18-24), flexibility was more important than compensation. Research has also found that jobs that offer flexible work arrangements attract seven times more candidates.

In this session, Ceridian’s Global Head of Employee Experience, Lisa Bull, uses Ceridian research to explain why every organisation needs to be thinking about flexibility and work-life balance. Watch this replay to get actionable insights, strategies for meeting modern expectations, and key learnings from some of Ceridian’s most successful flexibility programs.

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