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As a Private Equity firm, get strategic insights into your HCM challenges, needs and opportunities so that you can focus on what matters to you: growth and ROI.

Hard cost savings
Help to maximise headcount, improve payroll accuracy, decrease inaccurate time recording and decrease overtime and overscheduling costs.

Strategic growth
Our powerful HCM capabilities are designed for speed, scale and global reach, allowing organisations to manage growth and change effectively.

Compliance risk management
Tackle even the most challenging compliance issues and reduce the risk of payroll-filing penalties.

Visibility and insight
Create real-time reports and get unparalleled data integrity without the challenges of integrated solutions or data warehousing.

Employee experience
The single application experience means users can readily and more easily adopt the HCM system and processes.

Benefits of the Dayforce Private Equity programme:

Preferred competitive pricing
  • Pre-negotiated MSA on request
  • Single, simplified contract
  • Pricing model rewarding growth

Dedicated implementation resources
  • Seasoned team
  • Goal alignment
  • Project milestones

Dedicated carve-out team
  • PE-specific experience
  • Functional best practices
  • Refined, process driven project plan

Preferred education package
  • Lifetime My Path access
  • Tutorials, job aids and guides
  • Integrated in-app help

Senior executive sponsorship
  • Executive engagement
  • PE programme sponsors
  • Executive access

Dedicated customer support resources
  • 24/7 preferred global support
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Executive
  • Proven customer satisfaction

Interested in learning more about our Private Equity programme? Please contact:

Brian Kelly
VP Global Private Equity
+1 843 693 8328

Susan Johnson
VP Global Private Equity
+1 803 370 0093

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