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Services centred on your success 

Reach your business goals with HR outsourcing and services that help you to save time, mitigate risk and drive value. 
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HR outsourcing and services that build confidence 

Reach your organisation’s full potential with services that propel your business forward. Our robust service portfolio is available at any time to help you to mitigate risk, augment your teams, optimise your business and so much more.  
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Get continuous support

Let Dayforce complement your teams so you can focus on your business. Whether it’s HR outsourcing, payroll tax filing or consulting, Dayforce has you covered. 

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Manage risk and costs

Spend less time mitigating risk and more time on strategic initiatives by partnering with a recognised leader in compliance. 

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Rely on Dayforce expertise

Make the most of Dayforce services to drive adoption, develop in-house expertise and get the support you need to achieve your business goals. 

Managed Payroll and Benefits Services

Managed Services to fit your business 

Let us take care of your organisation's payroll and benefits administration - you can focus on the rest. Partnering with Dayforce for managed services means you can spend more time on strategic initiatives and less time mitigating risk.
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I work just as closely with our [Dayforce] CRE as I do with my own team members, and it’s a true partnership. It feels as though our [Dayforce] CRE is a part of the Gannett team as much as they are a part of the [Dayforce] team.

Steven DelVecchio

Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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Payroll tax filing you can rely on 

We monitor applicable tax regulations and best practices for changes, helping you stay ahead of the game. With the help of Dayforce Tax and Payment Services, you can save time and money by reducing fees for late or inaccurate returns.  
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The thing about [Dayforce] is that the value isn’t just in the software of Dayforce, it’s really the support that we get from the team. We’re able to keep in touch whenever we have a situation that we feel is unique to us come up and rely on the resources of that pooled knowledge of the great customer base.

Steve Mauricio

Director of HRIS​, Caleres

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Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services to guide the way

Take advantage of tactical and operational guidance to drive your success once you go live with Dayforce. Our team is collaborative, customer-focused and has deep technical knowledge to help support you. 
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We’ve been fortunate enough to be working with exact same group of Ceridian project and technical managers throughout all the implementations that we have had. They are very supportive, they understand our business, our account, and our configurations at a very high level. So, speaking to them is very easy – it’s almost as if they were an extension of our team, which is unmatched and very beneficial to us.

Mauricio Merizalde

Director of Compensation and HRIS​, SPARC Group

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See the Dayforce Privacy Policy for more details.
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“Dayforce was there with us every step of the implementation. They were there with us for the hyper care period. And even when they were no longer on site with us, we always felt they were right behind us supporting us. We could reach key people and make quick decisions. Their subject matter expertise continues to come in very handy for us.”

Vinny Johar

Global Head of Reward Operations

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