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Prepare for organisational changes with succession software that keeps you ahead of the game.
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Help future-proof your workforce with succession planning

Finding and hiring the right people is no easy feat - don’t let your work go to waste due to future vacancies and turnover. With Dayforce Succession Planning, you can prepare your people so your workforce is ready for both expected and unexpected departures.
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Create coverage plans for key roles

Prepare for turnover by identifying and developing employees to fill key positions.

Plan coverage for any position, from executive roles to entry-level employees.

Make informed decisions with real-time access to comprehensive HCM data.

Help employees see their future with you

Keep your top performers happy by encouraging their growth right within your own company.

Recognise employees’ career aspirations to support their ongoing growth and success.

Plan for your employees’ futures and help provide what they need to succeed.

Prepare for turnover

Find the right replacement faster

Only 21% of organisations have a formal succession plan in place, according to their HR professionals.† Dayforce Succession Planning software helps you to identify and match the right employees with the right positions when you need them there most.

†Source: SHRM, March 2022
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Track employee readiness for advancement

Monitor potential and promotion readiness across your workforce. Create informed plans with access to employee performance history, credentials, compensation data and flight risk analytics.

Plan succession scenarios

Pave a path forward for any position. Manage talent pools, benchmark the strength of your overall succession plan and ensure top-performing employees are part of the plan.

Identify your best internal candidates

Surface internal candidates for key roles at a glance with talent matrices. Visually compare employee performance to their potential to find suitable candidates for key roles.

Prepare for what’s next with succession software

Get the tools you need to support your employees’ career goals, create business continuity and build a more resilient workforce.
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Internal successor search

Access data across your entire organisation to find the ideal successors for all roles in your organisation.

Single-view talent reviews

Evaluate multiple employees from a single view to compare potential successors and find the best person for each role.

Talent matrices 

See which employees are ready to step up with visual matrices that compare their performance with their potential. 

Performance scores

Save time and eliminate duplicate entries. Dayforce automatically pulls performance scores into succession planning software so you don’t have to.

Flight risk insight

Rate and assess employees who are at high risk of leaving your organisation. With flight risk insights, you can take action to prevent churn.

Promotion readiness 

Talent profiles clearly identify where employees are in their development path and their readiness for promotion. 

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“Dayforce Performance and Succession Planning help our leaders and employees drive conversations around performance and be more proactive in identifying additional needs to help employees grow and develop within their roles.”

Steven DelVecchio

Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics

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