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Simplify onboarding and get your employees up to speed fast with Dayforce. 
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Set your people up to do great work 

Engage your new hires even before day one. Dayforce Onboarding helps you streamline employee onboarding with automatic data transfer from Recruiting, minimising administrative work.
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Engage your new hires

Create a warm, welcoming onboarding experience for new hires that captures your organisation’s brand. 

Connect new hires with their team, a mentor and other key employees even before they start. 

Enable new hires to complete necessary onboarding tasks before day one. 

Reduce time to productivity 

Establish a clear understanding of roles and minimise tedious paperwork.

Managers can communicate job expectations and track the progress of new hires. 

Integrated onboarding software means fewer forms, so new hires can focus on core job responsibilities sooner.  

Turn your top candidates into top employees 

Get new hires up to speed faster with integrated, efficient onboarding software. 
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Address compliance 

All forms and workflow approvals are completely configurable, creating a consistent and repeatable onboarding process that helps you to stay compliant.  

Create on-brand onboarding  

Create onboarding experiences unique to your organisation with Dayforce's user-friendly configuration. Personalise them with documents and multimedia.  

Onboard on-the-go 

Your onboarding experience should be as flexible as your workforce. With Dayforce, employees can complete onboarding tasks from their mobile web browser. 

Highlight your culture

Before day one, get new hires engaged and excited about joining your organisation. Highlight your culture with embedded video and personalised welcome messages. 

Simplify enrolment 

Employees can enrol in benefits directly from the onboarding process. Give new hires a sense of security and an understanding of their full employee package. 

Improve communication 

New hires can fill in a survey about their communication style with TeamRelate, which can inform their interactions with managers, coworkers and peers. 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

“Dayforce has been a lifesaver. By having everything in one place, we’re able to view the process all the way through from start to finish.”

Lisa Bachicha

Director of HR

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