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February 1, 2024

We are Dayforce

Today Ceridian officially became Dayforce. Learn more about why we've made this change and what it means for you.

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Today marks a pivotal moment for our company and community: We are Dayforce.

Last fall, we shared our intention to transition from Ceridian to Dayforce with a goal to simplify and strengthen our brand. I’m excited to announce that our brand evolution is now a reality.

There are of course many intentions with a change like this which we outline below. But in the simplest terms, as one united brand – Dayforce – we firmly believe that we can amplify our promise to make work life better.

As one united brand – Dayforce – we firmly believe we can amplify our promise to make work life better.

Why Dayforce – and why now?

Today’s new workforce is boundless: fluid, always-on, and borderless. Our changing world of work makes running a business more complex than ever, and we’re committed to helping organisations conquer that complexity. That’s why we chose this moment to evolve and simplify our brand from two in the market to one.

We selected Dayforce because over the years, Dayforce has grown into a trusted global platform, setting a new standard for the human capital management (HCM) industry. Our customers know the Dayforce name to represent innovation, collaboration, and transformation. The brand represented our future – and we design everything for that ever-changing future, together with our customers, helping them transform their organisations and set the pace for their industries.

More specifically, the name reflects the impact of the work we do and what we stand for. We believe our work can improve the DAY for every person we serve. Dayforce helps people become more efficient and work with purpose. It helps them fuel their careers and propel their organisations forward. Every day our insights and innovation truly make a difference for workers around the globe.

But you don’t change someone’s DAY by sitting still. Behind this momentum is our FORCE, the energy and motivation our global team of Daymakers (the name for our employees) bring to their work. It’s shaped by our values: customer focus, shared ambition, agility, equity, optimism, and transparency. Dayforce is a force for good and positive, rewarding change – for our people, customers, and community.

What it means for you

No matter what role you play in our community, as a united brand, everything we do comes into stronger focus for you – helping to reach our shared ambitions together. We see this as a path that furthers our ability to foster the happiest customers, the most engaged employees, the best products, and the best return for the market. One brand along with greater brand awareness around the world builds trust and helps everyone feel more confident in their partnership with us.

It’s also about deepening the value we return across all vectors. Not only quantifiable value, but the feelings and affinity you have for the brand, the relationship. Here are a few ways we see that playing out:

  • Greater trust: With a stronger global brand presence, and a memorable and clear brand name, Dayforce is more easily recognised and understood regardless of where you are in the world or which language you speak. This provides a better connection – feelings of trust and confidence – in how you partner with us whether you’re a customer championing the use of our products, a partner implementing them, or an employee bringing on a referral for a job.

  • Better experiences: We’re committed to building unparalleled experiences for our people, customers, and partners – and it’s all about simplicity at scale. As Dayforce, we cut the complexity and continue launching seamless products and experiences that help our community realise the full potential of their people, operate with confidence, and unlock more value.

  • More opportunity:  Brands with strong awareness and reach have more opportunities to broadly share their perspectives, expertise, and vision to inspire others. Putting a laser focus on the Dayforce brand not only propels our company growth but expands the platforms of the great minds inside our community through exceptional stories that help solve complex workforce problems.

I’m incredibly excited and proud of the path I see for us ahead – united with one powerful brand that represents our products, company, and community at their best.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next, but for now, let me be the first to officially welcome you to the brand new Dayforce community. We’re so happy you are here.

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