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March 30, 2020

Manage your COVID-19 employee response with Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring

During a health crisis, it’s critical for employers to protect employee well-being and identify and quickly respond to risk. Employee Safety Monitoring is a new Dayforce feature that helps organisations understand the impact of COVID-19 on their workforce.

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Table of Contents

During times of uncertainty, organisations must maintain critical business operations while supporting the safety of their employees. The coronavirus pandemic has created constantly changing conditions, and leaders need access to accurate, up-to-date information to build and adjust action plans and maintain operational efficiency.

This includes understanding where employees are working, their potential for exposure, and their health statuses, as well as keeping emergency contact information updated and accessible.

Today, we’re launching Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring, a business continuity planning technology to help employers do just this. Whether employees are working from home or performing critical functions at the office or on-site, Employee Safety Monitoring will allow employers to better understand risk to employees and to operations, and to communicate with speed and accuracy.

With Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring, employers will be able to:

Monitor employee locations

Effectively track where employees are working from to understand the exposure to the workforce and which employees are at risk of infection.

Pull reports on employee health statuses

Monitor the health status of the workforce using employee self-service, pull reports to track employees who have self-reported their status, as well as determine employees’ exposure to the virus.

Communicate important health and safety updates in real-time

Based on reporting insights, keep employees informed about important health and safety information to help manage through the pandemic.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, Employee Safety Monitoring provides organisations with the information they need to support employee well-being and maintain operational efficiency. Learn more about using Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring to help support the health and safety of your workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring is one of several new features and resources Ceridian has launched to help companies manage their employee response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also available today are COVID-19-related learning resources, which address COVID-19 preparedness and spread prevention, managing remote teams, and workplace mental wellness. These resources are available free-of-charge to both Dayforce customers and prospects.

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The business continuity feature provides tools for collecting data relating to a public health emergency, and it is intended to be used as one part of your overall business continuity program.  The business continuity feature has not been designed or reviewed to comply with any specific application of the law, regulation or other requirement as it relates to you. You remain responsible for complying with any applicable laws relating to the collection of employee data.  Please consult your legal advisor with specific questions about how any such law might impact your use of these features.

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