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Reduce employee scheduling headaches 

Optimize labor costs and retain your people with workforce scheduling software. 
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The smarter way to schedule 

Boost workforce productivity with smarter, streamlined scheduling. Dayforce Scheduling helps you stick to your labor budget by optimizing staffing coverage, and empowering your people with the ability to create flexible schedules that fit their lives. 
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Make informed scheduling decisions 

Forecast labor demand using historical data, recent trends, and seasonal predictions.

Auto-generate best-fit schedules, considering staff preferences, business demand, pay rates, and more.  

Balance staffing coverage by sharing workers across locations with centralized scheduling. 

Empower your people with schedule flexibility

Offer shift changes, time off, preferred shifts, and overtime to all employees equally.

Enable employees to build their own schedules by setting their preferences and letting them swap shifts.

Prevent burnout by balancing workload and rest across the organization.

What's included

Create and manage agile staff schedules

Get what you need to make employee scheduling more effective and efficient.
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Intelligent scheduling 

Create schedules that consider factors like business demand, labor budget, employee preferences, rules, and more.

Predictive forecasts 

Project the labor needed to meet demand using a combination of historical data, recent trends, and seasonal predictions.  

Compliance management 

Get payroll coverage in over 160 countries. Expand globally without stress about pay administration or having the right local experts in place.

Labor-demand tracking

Define KPIs to help you accurately align labor with demand. Get notifications when you reach certain thresholds so you can evaluate staffing coverage.

Analytics and dashboards 

Make informed staffing decisions based on insights. View metrics like attendance, absenteeism, and unplanned overtime to help you schedule more efficiently.

Agile staffing 

Share workers across locations through centralized scheduling. Plus, workers can trade shifts themselves to help balance staffing coverage. 

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“We’ve set up Dayforce auto-scheduling to only auto-populate to a maximum of 5% above the employee contracted hours."

Heidé Botha

Head of Business Process and HR Analytics

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Frequently asked questions

Is workforce management scheduling only for hourly employees? 

No. Some workforce management systems help support salaried employees as well. For example, Dayforce allows project-based employees to align time worked against specific projects. This helps better allocate labor by project against general ledgers. 

Can employee shift preferences be taken into consideration? 

Dayforce lets employees manage their schedule availability using self-service. With the availability editor, employees can specify which days they’re able to work and the times they’re available to work on any day. Employees can define default availability and can also submit temporary changes. 

Are workers able to bid on either vacations or shifts they’d like to work? 

Yes. With Dayforce, managers can post open shifts for bidding among qualified employees. Managers can review relevant information for each employee who accepts the shift, such as seniority and response time, and can award the shift to the appropriate employee based on the combination of this criteria. 

Can the system handle the latest predictive and fair scheduling legislation? 

Yes. The Dayforce predictive scheduling premium rule can be tailored by region to help you manage compliance with evolving fair workweek requirements. 

Is it important to have scheduling and payroll on a single system? 

Yes. Along with helping increase accuracy and efficiency, having scheduling and pay on a single system easily gives you real-time insights into, for example, whether your labor budget can support being open an hour longer. Or what it might look like if you were to open on a holiday. A single system for workforce management and pay also helps enable instant net-pay calculations and on-demand pay for the workforce. 

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