Save time processing payroll

Running payroll accurately, efficiently and on time is a complex undertaking — especially with ever-changing business conditions and regulations. With Dayforce Payroll, you can effectively manage your payroll with a unified platform for time and pay, run payroll at scale and boost employee wellness and retention with on-demand pay. 
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Stay on top of compliance

Our compliance professionals monitor changing payroll and tax rules so you can stay ahead of any changes. Now you can reduce your compliance risk with a localised pay solution.

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Save time from rework

No more batch processing with dated technology. Dayforce Payroll continuously calculates pay as time is captured, so you get greater flexibility in how and when you process payroll.

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Boost employee well-being

Let your employees get paid when they want. With access to on-demand pay, you can improve wellbeing for workers by helping them to meet their financial commitments on time.

Global Payroll

One payroll solution for your global workforce

Get streamlined, accurate payroll with unified time and pay in one solution. Payroll teams can operate more flexibly with access to their global payroll data all in one place - meaning fewer manual processes and rework. And our dedicated compliance partners provide the support you need to keep up with regulatory changes in over 200 countries and territories.
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Simplify your payroll processes

A single pay and time solution means accurate, efficient payroll for your organisation. Real-time calculations help improve your data accuracy.

Get global support and local expertise

With a single contract model, you’ll receive streamlined support and localised expertise wherever your employees live and work.

Cut through compliance complexity

With compliance professionals proactively monitoring labour laws and a built-in rules engine to calculate pay and taxes, you’ll be equipped to stay ahead of compliance.

Managed Payroll Services

Payroll services to fit your business

Let us take care of payroll - you can focus on the rest. Partnering with Dayforce for managed payroll services means you can spend more time on strategic initiatives and less time mitigating risk. Find the right solution for every stage of your growth journey. 
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For a large company like us, it’s a great benefit to have a managed payroll team to help support us. We can work through local taxes, regulations and really partner with the [Dayforce] team for support as the world changes.

Steve Mauricio

Director of HRIS​, Caleres

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Sherwin-Williams paints a picture of success

The global paint company uses Dayforce to help streamline payroll, manage compliance and improve the employee experience. 

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We’ve been able to reduce the number of people that process payroll and double the employees that each individual payroll processor can handle using Dayforce.

Scott Sikon

Senior Director of Global Payroll, Sherwin-Williams

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Frequently asked questions

How is Dayforce's payroll software sold/licensed?

Dayforce is a full-suite people platform with payroll modules and other HR functionality that can be tailored to meet your operational needs.

The Dayforce platform is sold according to module - you purchase the functionality you need. Licensure and subsequent access encompass your entire organisation based on the primary contract. We sell payroll software as an enterprise licence or by user, giving you the flexibility you need.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing and licensing.

How do I make the business case for new payroll software?

Modern payroll software is all about driving efficiency and promoting compliance - two factors that are exceedingly difficult with outdated systems.

You can establish a use case for a new payroll solution by drawing attention to hiccups, roadblocks and frustrations with current payroll workflows.

If you’d like concrete data comparisons, our Dayforce experts can help to calculate return on investment (ROI) based on your current payroll practises using our ROI tool.

What type of reporting does payroll software provide?

Since payroll software collects, organises and distributes pay information and employee data, there are many opportunities for analytical reporting. Dayforce offers users compliance risk assessment, error reporting, tax documentation, general ledger reporting and more.

How does payroll software apply to my specific industry?

Modern payroll systems offer incredible value to businesses, regardless of sector. Payroll software like Dayforce simultaneously creates baseline payroll processing modules and opportunities for tailormade customisation. No matter what business you’re in or the size of your organisation, payroll software can help streamline all your payroll processing tasks.

Can payroll software help me to avoid wage and hour violations and other compliance-related costs?

While payroll software can’t ensure compliance, it can help to equip you with the tools and resources to monitor and maintain your own compliance. Dayforce helps you to manage and reduce compliance risk with customisable modules and reports.

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