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Empower your employees at every stage of their career  

Meet Dayforce Talent: the talent platform that helps you to engage and inspire your people from day one. Backed by the Dayforce Skills Engine - our AI-powered skills technology - Dayforce Talent helps you to deliver tailored talent experiences, make data-driven decisions and unlock the full potential of your workforce. 
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Engage your new hires

Turn great candidates into great hires with seamless, personalised onboarding experiences that boost time-to-productivity. 

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Inspire career growth 

With personalised career paths, AI-assisted skill development plans and opportunities for continuous learning, you can empower your people with the skills they need to succeed. 

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Retain your best employees 

Boost retention and keep employees engaged with data-driven insights for compensation, engagement and inclusivity, succession planning and more. 

Talent Acquisition

Attract and hire the best

Optimise your hiring process for today’s competitive talent market. With Dayforce talent acquisition tools, you can make fast, fair and informed talent decisions with the help of AI and machine learning.
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Recruit smarter 

Work smarter, not harder with the help of AI to screen, rank and match candidates to roles. Move candidates through the hiring process faster and automate tedious tasks. 

Keep candidates engaged 

Give today’s talent the modern experience they expect with a personalised application process and faster communication. 

Make onboarding personal 

With automatic data transfer from Recruiting, Dayforce helps create a seamless transition from candidate to employee, streamlining all major aspects of onboarding. 

Talent management

Develop and retain your top performers 

Dayforce Talent tools provide everything you need to invest in your most critical asset: your people. Create a culture of continuous learning, foster career growth and support internal mobility.  
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Promote career growth 

Empower your people. With the help of AI, employees can get personalised career recommendations, development plans and more. 

Award top performers 

Evaluate employee performance and motivate them to succeed. Make reward decisions grounded in data to improve employee engagement and retention. 

Collect feedback, take action 

Gain a deeper understanding of your peoples’ experiences at work. Measure engagement, DEI efforts and more, so you can take meaningful action. 

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Gannett improves work life for their employees with Dayforce

The national news company leverages HCM technology to boost scalability, resiliency, and improve the employee experience.

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Dayforce allows us to understand our employee retention metrics and get insight into potential gaps we may need to address for our employees.

Steven DelVecchio

​Senior Director of People Operations and Analytics​, Gannett

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Frequently asked questions

What is talent intelligence?

Talent intelligence is about using insights from data to help manage your organisation's employee experience, from hire to retire.

Dayforce Talent is an end-to-end suite of AI-powered solutions to help organisations like yours transform their talent acquisition and talent management strategies and processes. Our suite includes modules ranging from Recruiting and Onboarding to Compensation Management and Succession Planning and beyond.

As part of Dayforce, a single solution for your HCM needs, Talent brings together information from across the platform and intelligently delivers it to help you to make smarter and faster decisions.

How does AI improve applicant tracking?

With Dayforce Recruiting, AI supports your efforts by processing data in the background of our applicant tracking system. By harnessing the power of AI-powered candidate screening, you can accurately and efficiently identify applicants that match the job description.

Learn more about how we use AI, machine learning and natural language processing by contacting a Dayforce expert today.

How does Dayforce Talent help with employee retention?

Dayforce Talent helps you to retain your people with the help of real-time data and analytics. It integrates talent acquisition, employee development and talent management for thoughtful and consistent analysis.

Starting with recruitment, our AI helps drive more accurate hiring decisions, which often leads to a better fit for each role. And even with the right people in the right places, Dayforce helps you to realise your full people potential and give your employees autonomy over their development. With Dayforce Talent, you can encourage learning, development, upskilling and reskilling and ensure your people feel like they belong with surveys and DEI assessments.

How can Dayforce Talent help us to take action to improve DEI?

Dayforce Talent helps you to effect thoughtful change with analytics that provide real-time visibility into DEI initiatives.

With Dayforce’s inclusivity survey, organisations can capture employee sentiment from a pre-built questionnaire. Our Engagement module also helps you to gather objective organisational data to reveal DEI gaps and opportunities for growth.

What should I look for in talent management software?

Talent management software should provide a tailored, connected, real-time user experience. Effective talent intelligence can help you better engage your people before hiring, during the employee journey and after offboarding.

You should consider using talent management software that not only unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making, but that also meets employees where they are with mobile, self-service, personalised learning and career development tools.

Ask our Dayforce experts how you can learn more about Dayforce Talent and how our products can benefit your employees.

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