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CorePower Yoga breathes new energy into its talent management

The yoga studio chain implemented Dayforce to streamline its recruiting, and continue to expand its workforce.
  • Two days

    saved in onboarding

  • $224K

    reduction in annual system costs

  • $75K

    saved annually by reducing headcount

“Yoga is so much more than just a physical workout. It’s about mindfulness, slowing down, and connecting with yourself.”

Melissa Loeffelholz, CorePower Yoga’s Denver Studio Manager has been with the company since 2015, and embodies CorePower’s mission of showing the world what can happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga.

“I think a lot of times in society we're so reactionary, but it's important to pause and take a moment to respond, rather than react.”

CorePower Yoga was founded to fill a need in the yoga community. There are many small studios run by independent owners across the United States, however because they tend to focus on different styles of yoga and offer different types of facilities, there wasn’t much consistency when it comes to customer experience.

“CorePower Yoga is different because of the quality of yoga that we offer – it's consistent across the board,” explains Ashley Eagan, CorePower’s HR Systems and Operations Manager. “There are different class formats that can focus on different areas of the mind, body, spirit, and you just get that consistent community and feeling of success every time you walk into one of our studios.”

Starting with six teachers in a small Denver studio in 2002, CorePower has grown to the largest privately held yoga studio chain in the United States. With over 10,000 employees, it strives to provide a community experience across all 185 studios.

CorePower offers a variety of classes for students of all levels, so anyone can step into one of its yoga classes and feel successful.

“We have a very positive culture that's important to us, and we exude that positivity in the studios as well as in our corporate office,” says Lisa Bachicha, Director of HR at CorePower.

Stretching themselves thin

With much of its workforce being part-time, with some employees only working an hour and a half a week, CorePower has a unique challenge in managing its employees.

“We have to work very hard to keep those employees engaged and show them their career path here at CorePower,” says Eagan. “As our employee population increases, it is critical that we have a system that is capable of managing that data, and automating as many processes as we can.”

Also, with such a large part-time workforce, comes the challenge of turnover.

“We actually lose and hire about 700 employees a month,” says Bachicha.

CorePower’s previous recruiting software was not integrated with its human capital management software, so the company was forced to duplicate efforts. Also, the recruiting software couldn’t handle the volume that CorePower was looking to hire.

With all these manual processes, Bachicha and her team needed to outsource the management of the data to an offshore team, who didn’t understand the business and were just going through the motions.

Onboarding was also done on a separate system, which didn’t give managers any insight into where new hires were in the onboarding process. “They were pretty much blind to what was happening,” says Bachicha.

With such a large and constantly growing workforce, CorePower needed a process that was streamlined and enabled visibility at all points.

Less is more

CorePower partnered with Dayforce in 2016 to simplify its onboarding and recruiting processes.

“One of the first projects that I took on when I started with CorePower was to consolidate all three systems into one, to make the experience for candidates seamless from start to finish,” explains Eagan. “When I reached out to Dayforce and told them that we were struggling with our systems, they reacted immediately. They sent in experts to help me review our system, to analyze our configuration, to identify those pain points that we were having, and work together to provide solutions to those pain points.”

Now, instead of coordinating between three different systems when hiring and onboarding new employees, CorePower can do it all in Dayforce.

“Prospective employees are now able to apply through CorePower's website, which integrates directly with Dayforce. Our team can see applications, select an employee to hire, and Dayforce automatically sends out the information the employee needs,” says Bachicha.

Dayforce also integrates with HireRight, so CorePower can perform screening and background checks and have that information attached to the employee’s application record.

“Dayforce has been a lifesaver. By having everything in one place, we’re able to view the process all the way through from start to finish,” adds Bachicha.

Focusing on what matters

Since implementing Dayforce, CorePower has not only saved time on manual processes, but has also consolidated its system costs.

“Consolidating all three systems was a huge feat but it had such a large impact on our company. We saved two days off our processing time to onboard new employees. We also reduced system costs by $224,000 annually, and were able to reduce headcount to save $75,000 annually,” explains Eagan.

With the time and money saved from switching to Dayforce, CorePower is now able to focus on growing the company even further.

“One thing that my team does now that they weren't able to do prior to Dayforce is regular audits of our data to ensure that it is clean and accurate. Before this was left to the wayside because of our lack of time, and it caused problems. Now we're on top of our data, we're on top of our processes, and we're more proactive than we are reactive,” says Eagan.

Looking to the future

Throughout implementation and beyond, what stands out to CorePower is that it has a true partnership with Dayforce.

“You're supported each and every day, and Dayforce is a system that can help you improve the way you do business,” says Eagan.

“Dayforce really does have a lot of capabilities and it's very customizable with its modules. So, it works well if you're a small company, or if you have almost 11,000 employees like we do here at CorePower,” adds Bachicha. “We definitely have a roadmap for our future with Dayforce, and I'm excited to see what we can do together.”

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