Year-end payroll for your small business

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Ceridian transitioned to Dayforce in January 2024. This webinar reflects the company name at the time of its recording.

A successful payroll year-end is no simple undertaking. This on-demand webinar is designed for small business owners, payroll practitioners, managers, and bookkeepers preparing year-end for the first time or seeking a refresher.

Lucy Zambon, CPM and Technical Services Senior Implementation Consultant at Ceridian, will share a helpful year-end payroll checklist process, including:

  • Preparing for year-end
  • Balancing and reconciling payroll information
  • Validating of employee data
  • Conducting self-PIER audit of CPP/QPP, EI and QPIP deductions
  • Preparing T4s/RL1s
  • Filing annual returns
  • Preparing for the new year

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