Conquering the frontline manager complexity crisis

Learn how to close critical gaps between your managers and executives to unleash the true power of your frontline workforce.

What you’ll learn:

The key gaps between executives and frontline managers and the impacts on businesses

The five areas of opportunity for empowering frontline managers

How companies can reduce turnover and drive higher performance from their frontline workforce

Organizations with large frontline workforces are in a complexity crisis. With the explosion of different types of work and workers, ongoing labour shortages, a mismatch between available skills and evolving roles, and an ever-changing compliance landscape, people at all levels of the organization are feeling the pain of this crisis.

In our newest research, Dayforce explored how more than 6,900 frontline workers, managers, and executives around the world experience this crisis. Our findings reveal that there are critical gaps between the perceptions of executives and managers, and that these gaps can have a massive impact on worker retention, customer satisfaction, and company profitability.

A prime example: Executives are 22% more likely than managers to say employees are appreciated in their organization. This poses a significant challenge for managers who feel growing pressure to balance the desires of their workers against those of executives.  

If organizations are to fully empower and unlock value from their frontline workforce, they need to first close the gap between managers and executives. Download Conquering the frontline manager complexity crisis to learn how.

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