2023 Executive Survey: The power of mobilizing the boundless workforce

Learn how your organization can harness the full potential of today’s modern workforce

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What you’ll learn:

Key workforce challenges organizations around the globe are facing today – and how your organization compares 

Strategies and systems employers can use to overcome today’s rampant workforce contradictions 

Steps you can take today to mobilize your workforce to accelerate productivity and performance  

Today’s organizations face a growing complexity crisis, fueled by rapidly changing workforce dynamics and a fluid compliance landscape – and no one is immune.  

Ceridian’s 2023 Executive Survey data illustrates that leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges, while also navigating new ones stemming from the current economic climate. And our findings show unexpected contradictions: layoffs amid labor shortages, overall optimism despite crucial workforce challenges, and investment in innovative talent solutions while overlooking foundational ones.  

Where do employers go from here?

Download the 2023 Executive Survey report to get actionable and data-driven insights that will help you boost performance in today’s challenging environment.  

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