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With Dayforce, your HR files are all in one place.
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Keep your information organized, accessible, and secure

Access your HR documents securely, in one place, with Dayforce Document Management. Spend less time locating files and get what you need fast so you can tackle the day. 

Keep relevant HR documents organized in a single management system attached to the employee record for instant access.

Store employee HR documents securely with restrictions to help control access to personal information and sensitive employee data.

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What's Included

Easily store and access your HR files

With Document Management, you can rest assured that your HR files are securely stored in one, easy-to-access location. Speed up internal processes and empower employees to update their own information with controlled access.
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Centralized HR information

Employee documents and files are stored in one HR document management system for easier access, reducing the need to manually store and manage documents. Managers can easily locate and update relevant employee documents.

Employee record access

Documents in the system are attached to the employee record for easier visibility. Managers can review critical employee information and ensure that documents are filled out. Plus, employees can access their own documents to keep their information up to date.

Document integration

Documents can be embedded into other areas of the platform to capture critical information relevant to onboarding, performance management, and more.

Control access

Document access can be tailored so that only select employees can view or modify files. Secure documents by type, user, team, and role to enable version control and restrict access to any sensitive information.


Set up document reviews so the right person weighs in at the right time. Documents are routed to the assigned people within your organization, helping you maintain compliance with privacy standards and best practices.

Filter and search

Locate documents quickly and easily. Powerful search capabilities and advanced filters allow you to find and retrieve relevant documents with less effort and less time spent searching for paperwork.

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Why our customers love Dayforce

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“Since we’ve started using Dayforce for document management, our lives have really improved. We’ve stopped creating physical employee folders. Now, employee folders are actually in Dayforce. It’s so much easier for everybody because now we can access employee information remotely and in a secure way.”

Noriko Kusaka

Pension and Payroll Supervisor

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