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November 2, 2023

Payroll + AI: New innovations to help simplify anomaly detection

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll is our new, transformative way of detecting anomalies and streamlining payroll. Hear more from our VP of Product, Amber Foucault.

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Today’s boundless workforce is impacting organizations’ abilities to operate at scale with confidence, especially when it comes to foundational human resources and payroll functions. At Ceridian, we’re focused on innovating to help customers navigate this complexity crisis. When it comes to payroll, we’ve been working on new means of making it easier and less time consuming to manage risk and reduce errors during payroll processing. During our annual customer conference, INSIGHTS 2023, we announced Dayforce Autonomous Payroll – yet another step forward in our innovation journey.

Disrupting payroll, again

A one-of-a-kind payroll capability, Dayforce Autonomous Payroll will help truly modernize the experience for administrators, who are burdened by the manual and complex nature of payroll processing. At Ceridian, we’ve been disrupting the payroll status quo for over a decade, with standout innovations like continuous calculation and on-demand pay. Now, we’re taking payroll processing to the next level by reducing the need for manual identification of data anomalies and offering administrators the ability to complete a payroll run more efficiently.

Fewer clicks, fewer interventions, fewer worries

Payroll is complicated. Between ever-changing legal requirements that vary across jurisdictions, data and privacy requirements, and time-consuming anomaly corrections, organizations have many priorities to track and manage. Additionally, within the traditional payroll model, time and attendance data is unavailable until the end of each pay period. This causes payroll administrators to rely on time-consuming batch processing, which creates stress and makes calculation errors harder to avoid.

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll revolutionizes payroll processing by leveraging our continuous calculation engine to run payroll simulations constantly throughout the pay period, providing administrators with advance notice of potential issues. This new product features an intuitive, interactive dashboard that streamlines payroll audits into an actionable command center. Where tedious, error-prone data entry and inefficient workflows once bottlenecked payroll, Dayforce Autonomous Payroll can help you avoid these roadblocks and identify next steps for payroll processing.

Payroll and artificial intelligence (AI) go hand in hand

Building on the transformative nature of autonomous pay, we’ve added AI support to help further drive efficiency. Dayforce Autonomous Payroll can be enhanced and enriched with the newly announced Dayforce Co-Pilot – an AI-powered conversational teammate that helps you navigate tasks, answer questions, and get work done faster.

Together with Dayforce Autonomous Payroll, Dayforce Co-Pilot can assist you by sending automated nudges when data anomalies occur. For example, say an hourly worker logged a significant increase in the number of hours worked. Dayforce Payroll with Co-Pilot can notify you of this anomaly before you run payroll, helping you identify and address a problem before ever needing to re-run payroll.

Dayforce Co-Pilot alerts and provides a suggested reason why an identified anomaly occurred to help potentially eliminate guesswork. This can help administrators more quickly diagnose root causes of anomalies and get to the solution without much hassle. The result? Payroll administrators can swiftly rectify issues in real time and be more solutions-focused, without being crunched for time before payday.

Coming your way soon

We’re pretty excited about this new payroll innovation, and we hope you are too. Dayforce Autonomous Payroll will be available to a select number of Ceridian customers in limited markets in 2024.


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