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October 5, 2023

INSIGHTS 2023: Our latest innovations to help you optimize the boundless workforce

This week, we announced our latest Dayforce innovations during the INSIGHTS 2023. Explore our product advancements in AI, career development, community, and more.

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Every year at INSIGHTS we get the opportunity to get on stage and share our innovation roadmap with our customers and community.

This year, David Ossip (Chair and Co-CEO, Ceridian) opened our innovation keynote by exploring today’s complexity crisis fueled by an increasingly boundless workforce. Ossip said that the era of treating people as a type of capital is over – the world of work looks nothing like it did before. Increasingly, organizations are seeking to optimize and engage a workforce that is borderless, dynamic, and fluid.

Enter a Brand New Dayforce, which was the theme of INSIGHTS 2023 following the announcement of Ceridian’s plan to transition its brand to Dayforce in January 2024. Ossip explained that Dayforce helps organizations achieve simplicity at scale, which in turn allows them to deliver quantifiable value, realize their people potential, and operate in the complexity crisis with confidence.

Ossip was joined on stage by Joe Korngiebel (Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ceridian) and members of his team to dive into the capabilities and impact of our latest Dayforce innovations. Here is an overview of what’s coming soon in Dayforce:

Introducing Dayforce Co-Pilot: Our latest advancements in AI

Korngiebel kicked off the innovation showcase by announcing the soon-to-be-launched Dayforce Co-Pilot, an AI teammate for the boundless workforce. He explained that Dayforce Co-Pilot will help deliver AI intelligence to organizations in a way that is ethical, trustworthy, and transparent.

Dayforce Co-Pilot will help organizations accelerate workforce productivity areas across the Dayforce suite by automating repetitive tasks and providing personalized employee experiences, helping to save time on administrative tasks.

Dayforce Co-Pilot will feature a conversational UI to answer common questions for employees. It will also help employees use the power of natural language processing and generative AI to fast-track and streamline routine tasks like writing job descriptions and generating annual performance reviews. Additionally, Dayforce Co-Pilot will help automate key activities – such as reports, schedules, and HR services – and provide analytics alerts to nudge you when certain data conditions are met. For example, you could ask something like, “Create a chart showing the overtime worked in the Las Vegas store over the last month.” Dayforce Co-Pilot will create a bar chart of all your employees and exactly how many hours of overtime each person worked.  

And, finally, Dayforce Co-Pilot will work with Dayforce Career Explorer to build personalized learning paths and connect your people to the right opportunities for growth.

Building better people experiences

Next up, Emma Albert (Senior Director of Product Management at Ceridian) explored the ways we’re building better people experiences into Dayforce.

Last year, we introduced Dayforce Experience Hub, a new way to organize your Dayforce home screen. Coming soon, you’ll be able to create your new homepage with a mouse-click or tap on your Dayforce Mobile app to easily add productivity widgets.

We’ve also reimagined Candidate Experience within Dayforce Recruiting. Now, you can get help quickly finding candidates that have the right skills for the role through intelligent screening, then immediately start messaging with those candidates via in-app SMS.

Dayforce Co-Pilot can also help with your internal HR service delivery. When employees need help finding answers to HR-related questions, Dayforce Co-Pilot will generate suggested answers based on your organization’s knowledge base, improving its answers through self-learning over time.

Finally, the new Dayforce People Programs will bring together key Dayforce innovations so HR business partners can push experiences to select audiences and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you’re engaging your people effectively.

Even stronger compliance capabilities

Next up, Amber Foucault (VP of Product at Ceridian) revealed our new and stronger-than-ever compliance capabilities to help you operate anywhere with confidence. Today, organizations are feeling the mounting pressure to maintain compliance amid a rapidly evolving workforce landscape.

For the manufacturing sector, we’ve developed Centralized Scheduling within Dayforce Workforce Management to help organizations manage operational schedules by user-defined dimensions such as workorders, jobs, and labor metrics.

For the retail industry, we’ve activated machine learning and AI scheduling to help you anticipate planning and resource needs.

And for the public sector, we launched Dayforce Cloud Extensions earlier this year — a functionality that enables support for even the most complex of collective bargaining agreements.

But our biggest compliance advancement is in how you process payroll. Amber introduced our revolutionary innovation, Dayforce Autonomous Payroll, which audits payroll to find and resolve data anomalies before payroll is even run, helping organizations reduce operational risk and errors.

More open and connected

Finally, Somen Mondal (General Manager of Talent Intelligence at Ceridian) explained how we’re building Dayforce to allow more openness and connectedness. To achieve this, we created Dayforce Exchange – an open, integrated marketplace that extends your Dayforce experience through three distinct pillars:

  • The Talent Exchange. Achieve end-to-end talent visibility by using Dayforce Career Explorer and Ideal Talent Marketplace to connect internal talent to new opportunities and match external talent to shifts. Dayforce Alumni Network also connects you to an untapped talent pool of people who have worked for you before.
  • The Solution Exchange. Discover a personalized list of dashboards, widgets, Hub experiences, and more. You can now integrate with solutions developed by a community of creators — companies, partners, and users like you.
  • The Partner Exchange. Find a shortlist of vetted, personalized organizations from our Partner Network.

Advancing, innovating, and iterating for the boundless workforce

We’re excited for the ways these tools will help deliver simplicity at scale for organizations as they navigate the high level of complexity stemming from today’s boundless workforce. We’ll continue innovating with and for our customers to help them operate with confidence, realize their people potential, and unlock more value.


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