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February 1, 2024

FAQ: Ceridian to become Dayforce

Find answers to common questions about our recent brand transition announcement.


Why has Ceridian transitioned its company brand to Dayforce?

As our flagship cloud HCM platform, Dayforce has become representative of our products, company, and community at their best. We are doubling down on the Dayforce brand, which is trusted by thousands of customers and partners around the world.

The unified Dayforce brand creates clarity among customers and the market, and further unites our employees and ecosystem to advance our shared ambition and dedication to our brand promise to make work life better.

When did the company name change take effect?

The change from Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. to Dayforce, Inc. took effect on January 31, 2024 – and updates to the brand are being cascaded down throughout the organization beginning on February 1, 2024. 

How can customers receive official documentation regarding the name change of the company and its subsidiaries?  

Customers can access the 8-K filing submitted by Dayforce to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on January 31, 2024, here. In addition, the public announcement made on February 1, 2024 can be found on our website. Should you need to validate the name change, please visit this site and click on the subfolder “Dayforce (Formerly Ceridian) Name Change Documentation.” 

Does this change have any impact on the corporate or leadership structure?

No. The brand transition does not change our company or sales team leadership structures.

Will the email domain change for my Ceridian contacts and emails I receive from Ceridian?

Yes. Domains for your saved Ceridian contacts, marketing emails, product updates, and other notification emails will begin changing in early February 2024 from to This will take place over a period of a few months. Emails will forward automatically from an employee or shared mailbox with a Ceridian email address to the new Dayforce email address. To ensure messages are not lost, emails sent to a Ceridian account will continue to forward to the new Dayforce account until late 2025. 

What happens to products, offerings, and legal entities that are not already branded as Dayforce?

The product portfolio will be updated to reflect the unified Dayforce brand. Most products will transition to the Dayforce nomenclature through 2024. Products with URLs that contain “Ceridian” will also be rebranded and redirected to “Dayforce” URLs through 2024 – these will be communicated through our existing Product & Technology communications channels.  Many of our global operating entities have already begun to individually transition to Dayforce, and further details and timing will be communicated as appropriate.

Will the look and functionality of products change?

Our refreshed visual identity will be reflected in our products moving forward, and existing products with the Ceridian brand will be updated with Dayforce over a period of regular feature releases and upgrades. We will continue to innovate the technology and capabilities that have made us a market leader. Product release updates and critical product announcements will be shared through all of our existing Product & Technology communications channels. 

As an existing customer, what actions do I take?

Since this is just a company name change, things will otherwise continue to be business as usual. You will be contacted if any action is required and receive resources and guidance at that time. This includes any updates for billing. We are committed to a smooth transition with minimal disruption. 

We are in the process of adding a new Dayforce module to our current suite. Will there be an impact?

Except for changing references from Ceridian to Dayforce, there will be no impact. You will have no required action to take for the change.

We are in the middle of product implementation. Will there be an impact?

No. Product implementations will not be affected by the brand transition. Except for changing references from Ceridian to Dayforce, there will be no impact. You will have no required action to take for the change.

Will the Ceridian Community domain change?

The Community's domain is expected to be updated to in February 2024 to align with our unified brand and community-first initiatives. If you are a member of the Ceridian Community, please update your bookmark. 

Will pricing, contracts, or terms and conditions change?

There will be no changes to current agreements, contract terms, or conditions because of the brand change to Dayforce. As customers renew, make add on purchases, and/or amend their agreements, we will have standard language which calls out the name change, and Ceridian will be changed to Dayforce within agreements. The existing contract websites will redirect customers to new customer contract websites with the Dayforce brand.

How will this brand transition affect Ceridian Cares?

Ceridian Cares is our charity organization, which supports the communities where we live and work. Ceridian Cares will transition to Dayforce Cares in Q2 2024. The organization’s mission will remain the same, but the URL and website will evolve to the new Dayforce brand.

How can I contact someone at Dayforce if I have questions?

If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, please contact them directly. 

If you do not have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, please reach out for answers to your questions through Community. For customers who do not have access to Community, email us at

This post has been updated on March 18, 2024 to include additional information on the topic. 

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