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May 30, 2024

Unlocking agility to help conquer complexity: What’s new at Dayforce

We just launched Dayforce Flex Work, Dayforce Partner Exchange, and other key innovations to help customers overcome some of their biggest challenges – labour shortages, skills gaps, compliance complexity, and more. 

New Dayforce innovations just launched to help customers overcome some of their biggest challenges – labor shortages, skills gaps, compliance complexity, and more.
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At Dayforce, we’re excited to tackle the complexity crisis with innovative product design. Organisations have a lot to navigate, from the new mismatch between available skills and roles to growing regulatory complexity. It’s our goal to deliver simplicity at scale for our customers to help them build a competitive edge and set the pace in their industries.  

Today we’re releasing a new set of capabilities and platform updates to help customers conquer this complexity crisis and get even more value from Dayforce. Here’s an overview of how our latest Dayforce capabilities can benefit you: 

  • Build the workforce you need at speed. 
  • Cut through complexity with greater visibility, flexibility, and control. 
  • Extend and connect the platform to meet your unique needs.  

Empower your people: Build the workforce you need quickly 

Skills are evolving faster than organisations can keep up. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 82% of surveyed leaders said their employees will need new skills to be prepared for the growth of AI.  

At the same time, the pressure is on to keep costs low and agility high. That means labour shortages often can’t be solved with traditional hiring alone – it’s way too slow. Illustrating this point is a report by The Josh Bersin Company and global talent solutions firm AMS, which put the average time to hire in 2023 at 43 days.  

At Dayforce, we’re dialed in to these complexities, designing new capabilities to help customers fill vacancies faster, build skills in-house, and capture high-value candidates before the competition.  

Stand out to top talent with a better recruiting experience  

At Dayforce, we’re focused on helping you capture the right people with the right skills at the right time – and faster. For example, we launched Dayforce Skills Engine, which uses AI to help identify skills gaps, source, and upskill talent within your own workforce. And Dayforce Co-Pilot speeds up recruiting by generating job descriptions at scale, while making it easier for candidates to find roles aligned to their skills.  

In today’s world, we all expect things to be fast and easy. Highly skilled, top performing people have their choice of where to work, so you can’t afford a clunky hiring process that risks losing that next great hire. That’s why our next few releases will feature innovations to improve both the candidate and recruiter experiences in the Dayforce platform.  

Dayforce customers see a 41% reduction in time-to-fill with Dayforce and 29% more efficiency for HR teams over industry peers.1  

To start, job applicants can now save progress on an open application to complete later, giving them more flexibility when applying. Now, candidates’ experience in the Dayforce platform will reflect the realities of their lives, which are full of interruptions from kids, pets, and tasks that just can’t wait.  

Tie learning to performance to build accountability 

Skills are the key to building a winning team to propel your organisation forward. Not only do companies need to source in-demand skills, but employees are also hungry for growth. Nearly one-third (29%) of global workers surveyed in our 14th Annual Pulse of Talent research said skill development would help them be more productive at work.  

To help managers stay on top of critical training programs, we’re launching On-the-Job Learning Checklists in the Dayforce platform. This capability allows managers to document training and observe the impact on performance. They can even choose to tie Checklists back to job step rate increases in Dayforce Workforce Management automatically. When employees complete training and apply it to their work, they'll automatically achieve a new proficiency level and pay rate increase. This automation is possible because the Dayforce platform is a single, integrated HCM system with one employee record across the full platform. 

Operate with confidence: Cut through complexity with more visibility, flexibility, and control  

We hear time and again how challenging it is to ensure the right people are in the right places at the right times – it’s truly a complexity crisis for many. Our new release introduces key capabilities to help you do it better, from better managing compliance requirements to making better predictions and decisions with data.  

Manage compliance better  

Compliance is our bread and butter at Dayforce – it’s something we’re known for and that we’ll never stop improving. That means helping you manage key local compliance requirements in the 200+ jurisdictions where we operate and building those capabilities within our global people platform.  

We’ve already made over 200 compliance updates so far this year. Our latest release includes approximately 50 compliance enhancements, including updates to unemployment taxes, workers’ comp, garnishments, dependent care, and multiple state and city rate changes. 

Enjoy greater flexibility and more customisation 

Attendance Management in the Dayforce platform helps customers track incidents, such as late workers or missed shifts, with logic built to flag violations that require disciplinary action. Attendance configuration is now more flexible, scalable, and easier to support and maintain in the Dayforce platform.  

Our newly released rule-based policy configuration framework for Attendance Extensibility allows for greater customisation. For example, imagine that you need a specific point calculation logic for attendance violations. We can now deliver this to just your organisation for a custom experience, giving you more flexibility and control.  

Get more visibility and control over labour planning 

We’ve just launched a new and improved budgeting solution in Dayforce Workforce Management that helps customers with advanced labour planning. Dayforce now gives users new functionality, including pulling data from across different modules, building top-down and bottom-up budgets, and performing what-if analyses. This release also includes enhanced reporting and analytics tools and a more efficient budget review workflow. What’s more, Dayforce customers will now be able to use long-term labour budgeting data to guide short-term planning.  

Unlock more value: Extend and connect the Dayforce platform to meet your unique needs 

At Dayforce, we’re obsessed with delivering simplicity at scale for our customers. That means consistently releasing innovative technologies that help organisations unlock more value through efficiency, intelligence, and interoperability. Our latest capabilities help customers gain more flexibility and customisation from the Dayforce platform to meet their unique needs.  

Increase the ROI on your Dayforce investment  

We recently launched Dayforce Partner Exchange, a marketplace where customers can connect with carefully vetted Dayforce partners and discover software and services that extend the platform. Customers get a centralised view of all partner-offered solutions and services to help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.  

Some key benefits of Dayforce Partner Exchange: 

  • Get access to more than 120 software and system integration (SI) partners – and growing. 
  • Choose a partner with confidence using comprehensive profiles, integration details, and resources. 
  • Experience a user-friendly interface with personalised support. 
  • Build relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success. 
  • Find solutions to meet your specific needs from the Dayforce platform. 

Save time and effort with increased interoperability 

Our latest release includes enhancements to Dayforce Integration Studio, a capability that helps you create, manage, and deploy integrations between the Dayforce platform and your other systems. Integration Studio launched last year, providing a smooth experience to customers looking to configure existing connectors and custom integrations in a low code setting.  

Now, we’ve taken it one step further with functionality that allows customers to map and transform external data for import into the Dayforce platform. This update also delivers pre-built connectors for strategic employee resource planning (ERP) solutions, as well as benefits providers, so you can start from pre-defined integrations and make them your own.  

Our latest release is just one more chapter in our journey to help customers conquer the complexity crisis. But it’s far from the end – we plan to continue delivering innovative capabilities that help our customers realise the full potential of their people, operate with confidence, and unlock more value from Dayforce in the coming months.  

Learn more about how Dayforce can help your organisation set the pace for change in the new world of work. 


1Dayforce proprietary analysis 

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